Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy endings

Just when I thought I was finishing up my edits on ATIS, I find out that the novel must be no longer than 70,000 words to the publisher I want to submit it to.  It was 86,000 words!!

Uhh, okay... what did I do?  Started editing like mad crazy.  I got it down to 77,000 words.  So 7,000 more words, and I have no idea where it will come from.  I have to take a break from ATIS it seems right now.  My mind is already moving on to my next project.  So I have taken yesterday and today off from writing anything but will be at it hard on Sep 1 when my 30-day challenge.

Can I finish a complete novel in 30 days??  I think it will be a piece of cake.  Well, that is considering that there is a 3-day weekend and I like to have all out writing fests then.  So hmmm, I could get more than half of it done then.  Plus the weekends I like to at least take one whole day and just write, imagining that's what I do professionally, just write.  Would be nice.

My characters for this new project are starting to talk to me!  Poor "millionaire playboy" so misunderstood.  He's so complex I really don't know where to start with him.I do know this, this won't be your typical romance story.  Outside of the boy meets girl, boy falls for girl element, it probably won't follow the structure of the typical romance.  Well, I haven't read a "typical" romance in years, they all bore me to death, I just want to get to the ending and see the happily ever after.

I'm a sucker for a happy ending!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My character screamed at me last night

So last night it hit me!!  I was editing ATIS, and needed to flesh out one character just a bit, make him the "millionaire playboy" that other characters were calling him, when in fact, he was just a rich guy looking for love too.  Well, I added like two lines, and then he screamed at me "Hey!  That's it?  What about me?"

He was asking me to flesh him out even more.  He wanted to find love too.  A light bulb went off!  I was just coming up with an idea for my 30-day challenge, and already decided on having a regular, working class female meet a millionaire and they fall in love.  The typical romance story that I have not written since I was a kid.

In fact, I ALREADY wrote this story back when I was a teenager.  The general concept was written over 20 years ago.  Girl meets a rich guy, she thinks he's arrogant or something, but he continues to pursue her.  They fall in love, but of course there are troubles along the way.  Well, the guy from "ATIS" basically begged me to write him in as the male lead.

Yes, my characters do talk to me, I am not crazy!!  But it's a wonder that I didn't think of him in the first place.  The "millionaire playboy" is actually designed off a real person!  (And he's not a millionaire, but close to it).  His character is in relation to the Shae character...sooooo....he really was a minor player in ATIS (though his NAME was said maybe more times than any other character)  In my original story of the millionaire playboy, he was born into his riches, but in ATIS, he made all his money himself, so I will have to change up a few things.

Yes, that little tidbit changes a lot!  A millionaire that worked hard for his money versus a millionaire that laid back and lives off his parents trust finds are two different entities!!  So yes, this is a challenge for me.  What this does do, me using a character I am familiar with, is helps me move along the story for the challenge.  I already knew my female lead, having worked her up previously when the idea came to rewrite this story.

I am excited about the possibilities with this story idea.  Can I really type 80,000 words in 30 days?  I want a complete first draft, so we shall see.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Character development: Mykayla Jones

Yes, it's me again!  I am Mykayla!  NOT!!

Mykayla was the weird one for me.  She's probably more like me than I will ever admit.  The big clue: she wants to be a writer.  Well, she really isn't based off me, isn't that weird! 

Mykayla is the daydreamer, the in between shy and outgoing girl. 

I used to claim I was shy.  I can't really claim that anymore, but I am still quiet.  Let me have an pinion about something though and I am the most talkative person.  Mykayla is like that.

Except she has a whole lot of other issues I really don't have.  She doesn't think she is pretty enough.  She is constantly on diets (okay, that is me).  She doesn't date much.  And she basically lets her mother run her life.  Because she has so much stuff going on with her, it's no wonder she is based off many of my friends around that time.

Fresh out of college, trying to be a grown-up.  I think, by stories end, she has the happiest ending.  I just did an edit of the last fifty pages and WOW!  Can my own writing get me emotional and cry??  I absolutely love my characters.  Like I am part of their circle and I am their best friend as well. 

If All That It Seems never sees the light of day, it would be such a same.  These three women: Amari, Shae and Mykayla need their story to be told.

Look out for them!

Character Development: Shae Morris

Not to be outdone by Amari, Shae Morris is the take no nonsense, "I'm the Boss" type of woman.  She all about getting ahead in the business world, and to do so means long hours at work, working toward that Master's degree, and absolutely no dating!

Hmmmm...you know she really doesn't mean that!

Again, me pictured!  LOL, Shae looks NOTHING like me, and acts least like me.
Shae, better known as "Money, Power and Respect" would be the leader of this little friendship crew.  She's the oldest, she's the wisest, and she never hesitates to tell the other two her mind.  Now, how was Shae developed as a character?  Rather different from Amari.  I needed no picture of her in mind.  She's one of my dearest friends.  I'm sure when my friend reads this book, she's going to say, "Gurl, that is not me....but why she acting like me!" 

Shae is thin as a rail and wants to GAIN weight.  It is hilarious how any scene with food is like the funniest ever!!  Is this were a movie (my head thinks like a movie when I write this) any scene with food, get ready for Shae to have a few cute one-liners.   She's so well put together in other situation but when it comes to food.  Man, if it were not for Shae, none of the other characters would have eaten in the whole book.  When Shae comes around, food is discussed, period.

And Shae's romantic story line packs some heat too.  Not as conservative as she tries to be.  She is freaky in the sheets!

Last but not least, MyKayla for you tomorrow!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Character development: Amari Denkins

My stories are character driven.  Sure, most writers will say this, but I mean, mine REALLY are.  Sometimes all I have is a character I want to write about, no story.  Or sometimes I can see a picture of a person, and I need to tell her story.  Even with people I meet and friends I know, they have an interesting story to tell, and I go about telling it.  Albeit, I fictionalize them somewhat so they have no idea I used them to write about!

For my first novel, I knew at least one of the characters was going to drive the whole book of the three main characters.  She in my opinion, makes it exciting!  From the way she looks, to the way she talks, to her attitude about men and dating.  How did I develop her?  From a series of things.  Me!  My friends!  A friend of a friend I was intrigued by.  A little bit of a certain celebrity diva.  A whole lot of antics!

Meet Amari Rachelle Denkins!  Okay, that is me pictured, but since she's "loosely" based off me, my pic will have to do (I'm smizing!).  No, she looks nothing like me!  As she states in the first page of the story, she's a "caramel colored Barbie of the new millennium."  Long, naturally curly hair, and a curvaceous body. 

Better known to her friends as "Drama Diva," Amari studied acting, so she thinks she's a Superstar!  There's no man she can't have.  One man is not enough for her. 

Well, my concept of the story was all about her at first....but then I met her friends, and they had a bit of story to tell as well.  Then it became a friendship book, like Waiting to Exhale or something.  I always like to use that reference, though there are many, many books that fit this theme.  Friends/men/relationships.

I first find a picture that best describes what she will look like, from a magazine.  I clip it, glue it down to page, and then write out her vitals.  Age, height, weight, any other physical appearance traits.  I then go into her family details.  Then what she does for a living.  I then go on to her quirky ways.  Amari dresses provocative, showing more than enough skin in nearly every scene she's in.  She's very conceited, thinking every man she comes across is far game to flirt with.  It's all about her, and if she is not given that attention, she will just command center stage.

A loose cannon when it comes to sex.  Anything is fair game to discuss, to her friends embarassment.  If this book were a movie, you'd want to fast forward to all Amari's scenes to hear what comes out of her mouth.

Not to say my other characters are not thoroughly interesting.  They actually surprised me with how they flowed into these characters I thought would be background filler.  Since I dedicated a whole blog to Amari, next I will introduce Shae and Mykayla, her two BFFs, or homeys, or besties, or her girls!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sharpen those pencils

So today I am still editing!  Yesterday I accomplished a lot.  But this weekend I WILL finish.  I'm ready to start something new and fresh September 1 for my 30-Day Writing Challenge.

I was reading in another writer's blog how they like to hand write their first draft.  I thought I would always be a hand writer myself, because starting at age 12, that's all I did.  I had a whole suitcase full of binders with my stories.  Wish I had all those now!  If nothing else, they would provide some good story line, because I'm sure those mini-novels were naive and not well thought out. 

I was a dreamy kid.  A daydreamer.  I didn't do much, didn't go out, didn't even date.  So kissing a boy was totally up to my imagination.  Oh, and I had a good imagination!!  All my life experiences has done was bring the drama to my already wild and crazy imagination.

Today I write everything on my trusty laptop, which is good for nothing but that.  It won't even get an Internet connection.  I mean, I think.  I have a desktop I use for that.  I haven't even tried to get Internet on my laptop.  Why?  Totally not needed.  It's for word processing only!  Plus it's busted and cracked and hanging on a hinge.

I still hand write my character outlines and story outlines.  I have a small tote file case for all that.  All my story outlines and characters, in a file with tentative title on the label.  Oh, I also have a bigger file cabinet with much of my complete work, from all the way back in college, and probably then some.  I also keep the rejection letters I have received in one folder.  Or anything related to writing.

So least I "try" to be organized.  Can't say I truly am.  On my next blog I want to discuss characters and how I come up with them, how do I vision them and what they heck do they look like.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to LIFE, back to reality

Last night I did what I was supposed to do.  I edited at least two chapters of ATIS.  Wow!  I think this editing process is going to take more time than I thought.  More to update.  It feels a little outdated, like no one facebooks, twitters, texts or even frikkin emails!  They are early twenty-somethings, isn't that what EVERYONE does!  Least I need to do is make it seem more like LIFE to my target market.  Not going to overpower it with it, but at least have somebody text or tweet somebody!!

The thing is, I wrote this book nearly 15 years ago in my head.  Fifteen years ago no one emailed on a regular.  Facebook and twitter, yeah right!  I actually wrote it four years ago, and sorry to say, I've just been behind on technology.  I'm lucky if my characters have cell phones!!  I'm just missing that detail to give it some extra life.

The main characters are 23-24, fresh out of college a year or two.  Three single women in the city looking for the perfect guy.  Well, no one is perfect, SILLY WOMEN!!  So all three of their "Prince Charmings" have iss-kues!  And that's not to say that each of them don't come with their fair share of baggage.

I may have to post a character description on these ladies.  DRAMA!  And would you expect anything less from a Drama Queen like me?

Let's see, ATIS has crazy psycho women, naked and deranged ex-boy friends, a shoot out, baby momma drama, illicit office sex-affairs, a millionaire playboy, an overbearing mother with a secret, THE ORIGINAL DRAMA QUEEN (not me, but she thinks she is), and a box full of the biggest cockroaches you ever could find sent to deliver...

....oh yeah, and love!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rejection is at the heart of every writer

I am promising myself to finish all my editing of All That It Seems this week. I know I can do it! I’m about 50% into the editing now. No major edits really, just tweaking it, making it flow really well. Checking for grammar issues, or taking out many of the “said” and lots of the “like” I seem to (like) to use. Oh brother!

Changing a bit on the ending, detailing it out more. There is so much action in the last two chapters, I think I missed some detail and the reader would go, “Well, why did she do that?” So I better explain that by adding a scene or two.

THEN I will start sending it out! I have one local publisher here in mind first…but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket!! There’s hope I may find an agent, so I have compiled a list and will start to send queries to them. I also have a few other small publishing houses I may try. I will NEVER give up sending it out this time. Okay, not never, but I am going to rack up at least 100 rejections before I go, “Hey, this must really suck!”

So counting the about ten rejections I had back in 2006 when I was trying to get it out there, I have about 90 more to go. Rejection is good! Who expects someone to pick up their novel after only one try? I’m sure the best of the best didn’t get that lucky. I have my little mantra in my head “If you can’t handle….get out of the business!” Oh yeah, I can handle rejection, I’m all ready for it and to prove them WRONG!

I wanted to finish off Sister Circle , and I still may do a little work on that, but in September I wanted to start a 30 day writing challenge on a NEW project. Am I crazy?? I have no clue what it will be about. I don’t know if I should detail a story line and etch out the characters or just write. I work both ways. At some point I will develop the characters more, but sometimes I never work out a story line, just go where the characters take me. That is how I wrote All That It Seems.

Sister Circle I have a timeline…and even with that I seem to be struggling moving along. So my best way is to just get it all out on paper. We shall see. I may do something in the Black Greek Life series. Stories like that with characters that just drive the story I can work with very easily.

This week’s task: Finish the last editing of All That it Seems

Next week: send out those queries!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have to purge my brain!

I'm thinking of posting some serial work either here on a blog or make a website for it or something.  I see others do it.  Why not me?  I have several ideas running amok in my head and I need somewhere to release it.

One, a YA soap opera I have been writing since I was 15.  Yes, I have it all (or recreated it again).  That is my heart.  If nothing else, I would love to see that become an actual TV show.  But it's on the side burner for now.  I'd rather concentrate on publishing a novel.

Or, early this year I started a "daytime soap opera" type series.  It's still rough, but trust that it is SPICY! 

Or I can just write something totally new.  Hey, I have all these millions of ideas in my head I need to regurgitate them out somewhere!

But until I have decided where to put it and what, I will continue on.  I'm still working on getting the kinks out of All That It Seems to start shipping off to publishers and agents.  I am giving myself a week.  I don't want to feel like I am rushing....but if I keep putting it off, I will always find some kind of an excuse. 

My skin is getting thicker, that's all I have to say.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's your side hustle?

Most of us have an 8 to 5 job that pays the bill, and some may even call that their career and are happy with it.  It's what you have always wanted to be and it is what you always will be. 

For me, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a writer, and that did not include an 8 to 5 job.  I wanted to sit in front of my computer all day and all night.  (Well twenty something years ago, I may have been thinking with pen and pad in hand.)  Now I do sit in front of a computer all day, but it's not to write.

So a friend asked me before, "What's your side hustle?"  What is it that you do on the side, that you love, and perhaps make some money doing.  For some people they sell Avon or Mary Kay.  Or for her, she made and sold gift baskets.  A few of my other friends all had side hustles.  I said, "Writing is mine," though it has yet to pay a bill!

My other side hustle is my personal training.  About 2 years ago, I got certified to be a trainer.  I was getting that side business started up when I got side-tracked.  So now, I really don't even train anyone, but I will get that back started soon.  Someone was also saying, well, you need to write a book on fitness!
Don't you know that has crossed my mind!

Here's me all fit and buff.  I would post my before I lost all the weight pic, but I might scare myself.  That feels like a long time ago, because I have gained some of it back and struggle to lose it again.  And yes, even a personal trainer struggles with her weight.  Eating seems to be my problem.  I just want to eat everything.

But one of my side hustles will pay off, I just have to stay focused on my talents.  I KNOW how to write great stories.  I KNOW how to help others to achieve their weight loss goals.  I'm a superstar baby!  You just haven't heard of me yet.

Here's the link to my fitness and weight loss blog if anyone needs tips: kstylelifestylefitness

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My skin's too thin

I have to get a tougher skin!  Like my soror Sheryl Lee Ralph stated "If you can't take the criticism, get out the business!"  Well, that's not exactly what she said, but that's what I got from it.  Writing professionally, I have to understand that EVERYONE will not get me.  They won't like my characters.  They won't like the story idea.  And they may not like my writing style.

This is okay.

I know I am not the greatest writer in the world (if so, I guess I would be published by now), but I know I am good at what I do, in my style, with my story lines.  I read the same styles in other books so I know it's a viable style.  My problem is I don't go into detail much.  Like if a character walks in a room, I don't describe every single thing she sees with all these cool literary words.  I just give a brief description and get to the story.

This comes from my training in screenwriting.  There's no description there, it's all action and dialogue.  Well, that's an excuse I see, so I just have to do a better job at detailing scenes.  I think that is my biggest writing weakness.

My other: maybe grammar.  I say maybe because I write like I talk, which could be good or bad.  I use wa-ay too many "likes" and a whole bunch of "very".  Ugh!  Okay, after 3 or 4 drafts I eliminated all but a hand full so that's good.  I'm learning!  I'm reading everything on how to self edit, and trust me, I still will find things wrong.  That's just me.

I would love for a professional editor to go through and red ink it up.  Heck, I love red inking other people's work.

Heck, let me stop blogging so I can get a workout in tonight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me not writing?.... Yeah, right!

Even though I am not supposed to be writing this week, I have managed to work on editing ATIS and writing up a few new pages for a story that may never hit the public.  Sometimes I have to just write and create, even if I never want to publish it.  And I think it's a really great story, but reading it you can tell that it's one of my dreams I am expanding on (yet another way I come up with story ideas).

Imagine if you meet XY celebrity and he falls in love with you?  Yeah, that's the story line.  But I added a bunch of fictional crap to give it legs, but anyone reading it would know the main character was me and who the celebrity was supposed to be.  No matter how I changed the description of the guy or what he does, you CAN STILL TELL.  I'm just a romantic at heart and this story has just taken off.

In fact, the FIRST novel is the longest novel I have ever written (and this has not, and may not ever be edited).  I just kept writing it till it came to a conclusion point, because there was still more story to tell.  So I decided to write a sequel.  In that one, the main character is nothing like me really.  I mean, she's still the same person, but her life has evolved in a major way, I see none of me in her.  The first one was the love story between her and the celebrity.  In the sequel, her sisters are all main characters.  In total, there are SIX main characters.  Whew! 

I get so involved with my stories and the character, I just want to write about them forever!  Well, in this concept, the sisters, known as "Six Sexy Ass Sistas," were just begging me to flesh them out.  All of them so different.  They all demanded my attention, so hence the sequel (to a book that will never be). 

But anyway I love writing just to come up with crazy stuff.  I still plan on doing a writing challenge in September and doing NaNoWriMo in November, so that will be two new story ideas.  I have millions of them in my head, trust me on that, just don't have the time to write it all. 

That's why I would love nothing more than just write all day and publish 3-4 books a year and live off that.  My dream!  Or sell one a year and be a big shot and make that much money!  I mean, Terry McMillan doesn't put out a book a year.  Heck, not even two years!  Must be nice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How did it all begin

Writing on hold—for at least this week.

Something more important came up. MY KIDS!! Wednesday is the first day of school, and my son starts 6th grade, so we’re all excited. I remember those days. It seems like your whole life changes between 5th and 6th grade.

Which take me back to when I first starting writing. 7th grade I believe. I wrote an essay for the Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream.” My teacher really liked it and entered it into the contest. Didn’t win, but when the application asked what do you want to be when you grow up, I had never really thought about it, but I put writer.

I started writing my own short stories shortly after. I wanted it so bad too, to be a writer. I would let friends read it and thought I was really doing something. One of my very first stories was about a character name Lenore (Lee) Anderson. She was starting 8th grade and fell for the new kid. She later was discovered as a model. I really like her character, so I stayed with her, for years!! The next one was her starting high school.

By this time her modeling is taking off, and now she’s dabbling in acting. She becomes super famous by her senior year, marries her high school sweetheart, has kids, does the Hollywood thing, has an affair, and all that good stuff.

Okay, yeah, I had a crazy imagination. Blame Jackie Collins, I was reading her before I read any other literary great. About ten years ago or so, I revamped my “Lee” series, basically rewriting it again from memory (they were long lost somewhere). And to that I added a whole teen series of stories (think Sweet Valley High and the Sweet Valley High Twins). Lee had her own series, and then there were the others characters at the infamous Larkin High, school of the beautiful and talented kids.

Most wanted fame or already had it. Lee was the biggest star there (well, there is one other). But anyway, all this began with my childhood imagination. Yes, I am thinking of dabbling in the Young Adult area. The images of my middle school/high school years are vivid in my head. And now that my son is a “young adult” I can continue to live vicariously through him (only he doesn’t have to know).

School has changed a lot since my years in middle school, but some things will always remain the same. My writing makes me feel like a kid again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sister Circle

The first page of my second novel titled "Sister Circle"



“Shit!” Zavrina mumbled as she tried to swat the alarm clock radio. “It’s too early in the damn morning for all that noise.”

Double wrong because the DJ was referring to her and her current situation. She looked over at the person lying beside her. Too sexy!

“DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME? GET THE HELL UP!” shouted the voice on the radio. “THIS SONG IS FOR YOU!”

The radio blasted TLC’s “Creep.”

“Damn!” Zavrina jumped out of the bed naked as a jaybird. “I have to go!”

She scuffled around the messy room for her clothes she carelessly threw off. How did she get herself into this situation anyway? She should not have to sneak around with the hottest man at school. She should be holding her head high and flaunting it for all to see. He should be proud to have her at his side because she was not so bad looking either.

Zavrina frantically looked around the small room, kicking things on the floor, trying not to make a ruckus in the fraternity house.

“Where the hell are my panties?”

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ideas for a Greek Life series

Okay, since I have declared myself the new writing phenom, all I can think about is story ideas all day. I have a notepad near at work and I am always jotting down stuff. I plan on doing NaNoWriMo this year, which is in November, BUT...I was thinking, why wait till then!

Basically with NaNoWriMo you write at least 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. So umm, I'm going to try that for next month! And then I will do it in November. But I was also thinking, why not do it every other month! So we will see about that.

Where do I have all this time to write? Late in the midnight hour I tell ya! When I wrote my WeBook profile page bio of me, since I had sent in Sister Circle first, and it is about sorority life, I wrote:

I'm that sorority girl. I love the life and I love to write about it. During my four years in college I witnessed so much and some of those things make interesting stories. If my friends ever read this, they will see themselves in some of the characters. I'm that drama queen, always into something, takes no mess from anyone, with the looks and the brains...so yes, just a little cocky! I write about real people like me. Real situations. I just sprinkle a little extra drama to reality and voila, these crazy wacky characters come to life.

But Sister Circle is my only novel (so far) that deals with sorority life. In my first novel All That It Seems, the 3 main characters are in a sorority, but it's not about the sorority. So anyway, long story short, why can't I be the "authority of Greek life." Well, let's just say African American Greek life, because the white fraternities and sororities is a whole different ball game.

I have been in my sorority for nearly 16 years. And before that, I was on the inside of a fraternity (i.e., their little sister organization). I know the fraternity life as well as the sorority life. I wrote my first screenplay about a fraternity "Greek Freak" Yeah, the title is wack!

So I started to jot down ideas for very different novels.

Frat House. ABC fraternity (have not come up with a name yet) is the only African American fraternity on campus with a large fraternity house on Greek Row. They party hard and they long, with five or more parties a week. Three best friends that pledged together are as different as can be. Corlin is the brains in charge, the President, the honors student, and keeps everyone in check. His steady girl friend has no complaints, till he falls for one of their little sisters. Javier is just a little too cocky, believing he's every woman's dream. Why settle down when he can have them all. Leonard was this quiet, shy nobody before he followed in the shadows of his friends and pledged. Now girls come on to him for all the wrong reasons. Can he find someone who really wants him for him? Through the parties, the fun and the bond, these brothers show you what frat life is all about.

All In Due (Delta Upsilon Eta) Time. Katie wants to join DUE sorority but they only take the best. She has to stay on top of her grades, not get into any trouble, and dodge playboy Tony, the horny frat guy. It does not help that he dates Lisa, the president of DUE. She longs for Rich, her friend, who thinks pledging is dumb. Her roommate pledges the rival sorority. Can their friendship make it.

Sorority Girl. Kathy is that Diva. President of her sorority. Smartest girl on campus. Talented singer and dancer with model good looks. She can do no wrong. Except with dating. Too many to choose from. The good, the bad, the fine, the ugly, too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat. Okay, maybe she's a little picky.

Fire 'n Ice. Two rival fraternities have always battled it out. They battle it with the stepshows, the battle it out at the parties, they battle it out over the women.
And just some titles I like that give me vague ideas on storylines:
N.E.O. (Nu Epsilon Omicron) You have to know what a neophyte is to get this title
Okay, that's all I have right now, and that last one is not that strong, but I like the concept. Not saying that I will actually write any of these, but this is how I brainstorm. Now I will save these notes I jotted down in a folder with about 1,000,000 other ideas!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do I come up with this crazy stuff??

I get ideas from everywhere for my stories. But best of all, is from ME!! I watch my surroundings and other people and always think, "Hmmmm, what if..."

So here's a preview of my third novel, yet to be titled, but I want to use the main character's name November in it. Suggestions please!

No one expects the quiet, mousy drama teacher to elicit so much….well, drama! November is so confused with her life right now. No one knows of her secret affair with an older, white, married man…and let’s not forget the fact that he’s her boss. So when her high school crush, Israel , makes an appearance in her life, the drama really begins.

Israel was literally, the one that got away. The womanizing up-and-coming R & B singer, left November in tears ten years ago. He is now ready to act on those feeling he has harbored for her during high school. But he has his own demons to deal with including a baby momma, ex-girl friends out to get November, and a dangerous stalker.

November can’t decide between the two, so she does what any woman in love with two men would do, she has them both. How much longer can she lead these men on? Maybe after getting attacked by the ex? Maybe when the wife shows up at her doorstep? The bullet grazing her arm? Being exposed by a student and her job being threatened? Being kidnapped, tortured and left for dead?

So okay, first off, November is a teacher and so her boss would be...ding, ding, ding! The Principal. Back story on this idea?  November actually teaches at the school she attended ten years ago and yes, he was the principal then.

Israel is HOT! Smokin hot. They were best friends in high school, though both had deeper feelings. 

All the baby momma, psycho stalkers, gun-toting, kidnapping craziness is the Drama Queen in me. I mean, really? Who does that?

This is fiction, that's what it is good for. But I base my ideas off of my "What ifs..."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Read the first page of my novel

"All That It Seems" page 1

It was Grown and Sexy night at Club Seven. The club was packed and Amari loved it. Dressed in a short black dressed that hugged her curves and five-inch stiletto heels that seemed to give her already tight body a lift, every man turned his head to get a peek. Her honey colored skin was kissed by the sun, giving her a radiant glow. Long, lush waves of sun streaked, golden brown hair cascaded down her back. She was the caramel-colored Black Barbie of the new millennium.

She knew she was all that.

“Amari, do not act a fool tonight,” her best friend, Mykayla, said to her once they were inside the packed club.

Amari only grinned at her friend, as she swayed her hips to the thumping music. Mykayla was wasting her breath trying to calm her down. With her outfit and natural beauty, the guys were going to cause a riot to get close to her.

She wished her friend could loosen up at bit. Before they hit the club, she dropped by Mykayla’s and immediately tore her outfit to pieces. Amari rummaged through the closet, trying to come up with a decent outfit for her friend to catch the fellas’ eyes, but it was useless.

“Girl, we have to go shopping!” Amari said

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ummmm...really? I need to do this?

I like to hear myself talk. Because of that I decided to make another blog devoted just to my writing. I have another blog where I ramble off my fitness and weight loss expertise. Check for that at: http://kstylelifestylefitness.blogspot.com/

Okay, it's Tuesday evening and I have rededicated myself to my first love, WRITING!! On the agenda this week is to just write, write, and write!! So far, so good this week. I also found a site where I can post my short stories for a small monetary return to me. Woohoo! Check for that at : http://www.blackshortstories.com/catalog/ I have nothing posted there yet. but by this weekend I will. I'll keep my first one or two free for readers and then charge the $2.00 download fee for others. I have to feel it out and see whats what first.

Also this week, fingers crossed, I will send out my first 3 chapters of my novel, "All That It Seems" to a small publisher here in St. Louis. This baby I have worked on for years. I actually completed it nearly 4 years ago, sent it out to a few agents with no luck so I gave up. No more of that defeatist attitude!! As my soror Sheryl Lee Ralph stated during the Delta National Convention in New Orleans, "If you can't accept rejection, GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS!!" I heard that statement well. It's my new motto.

So I will be blogging about projects I am working on, my day-to-day stress as a writer, and whenever I find somewhere to send my work. I write a little of everything. Screenplays are my first love. Then novels, short stories, plays and I even have a one-act play somewhere stashed away I did in college.