Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to LIFE, back to reality

Last night I did what I was supposed to do.  I edited at least two chapters of ATIS.  Wow!  I think this editing process is going to take more time than I thought.  More to update.  It feels a little outdated, like no one facebooks, twitters, texts or even frikkin emails!  They are early twenty-somethings, isn't that what EVERYONE does!  Least I need to do is make it seem more like LIFE to my target market.  Not going to overpower it with it, but at least have somebody text or tweet somebody!!

The thing is, I wrote this book nearly 15 years ago in my head.  Fifteen years ago no one emailed on a regular.  Facebook and twitter, yeah right!  I actually wrote it four years ago, and sorry to say, I've just been behind on technology.  I'm lucky if my characters have cell phones!!  I'm just missing that detail to give it some extra life.

The main characters are 23-24, fresh out of college a year or two.  Three single women in the city looking for the perfect guy.  Well, no one is perfect, SILLY WOMEN!!  So all three of their "Prince Charmings" have iss-kues!  And that's not to say that each of them don't come with their fair share of baggage.

I may have to post a character description on these ladies.  DRAMA!  And would you expect anything less from a Drama Queen like me?

Let's see, ATIS has crazy psycho women, naked and deranged ex-boy friends, a shoot out, baby momma drama, illicit office sex-affairs, a millionaire playboy, an overbearing mother with a secret, THE ORIGINAL DRAMA QUEEN (not me, but she thinks she is), and a box full of the biggest cockroaches you ever could find sent to deliver...

....oh yeah, and love!

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