Thursday, August 26, 2010

Character development: Amari Denkins

My stories are character driven.  Sure, most writers will say this, but I mean, mine REALLY are.  Sometimes all I have is a character I want to write about, no story.  Or sometimes I can see a picture of a person, and I need to tell her story.  Even with people I meet and friends I know, they have an interesting story to tell, and I go about telling it.  Albeit, I fictionalize them somewhat so they have no idea I used them to write about!

For my first novel, I knew at least one of the characters was going to drive the whole book of the three main characters.  She in my opinion, makes it exciting!  From the way she looks, to the way she talks, to her attitude about men and dating.  How did I develop her?  From a series of things.  Me!  My friends!  A friend of a friend I was intrigued by.  A little bit of a certain celebrity diva.  A whole lot of antics!

Meet Amari Rachelle Denkins!  Okay, that is me pictured, but since she's "loosely" based off me, my pic will have to do (I'm smizing!).  No, she looks nothing like me!  As she states in the first page of the story, she's a "caramel colored Barbie of the new millennium."  Long, naturally curly hair, and a curvaceous body. 

Better known to her friends as "Drama Diva," Amari studied acting, so she thinks she's a Superstar!  There's no man she can't have.  One man is not enough for her. 

Well, my concept of the story was all about her at first....but then I met her friends, and they had a bit of story to tell as well.  Then it became a friendship book, like Waiting to Exhale or something.  I always like to use that reference, though there are many, many books that fit this theme.  Friends/men/relationships.

I first find a picture that best describes what she will look like, from a magazine.  I clip it, glue it down to page, and then write out her vitals.  Age, height, weight, any other physical appearance traits.  I then go into her family details.  Then what she does for a living.  I then go on to her quirky ways.  Amari dresses provocative, showing more than enough skin in nearly every scene she's in.  She's very conceited, thinking every man she comes across is far game to flirt with.  It's all about her, and if she is not given that attention, she will just command center stage.

A loose cannon when it comes to sex.  Anything is fair game to discuss, to her friends embarassment.  If this book were a movie, you'd want to fast forward to all Amari's scenes to hear what comes out of her mouth.

Not to say my other characters are not thoroughly interesting.  They actually surprised me with how they flowed into these characters I thought would be background filler.  Since I dedicated a whole blog to Amari, next I will introduce Shae and Mykayla, her two BFFs, or homeys, or besties, or her girls!


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