Friday, August 27, 2010

Character development: Mykayla Jones

Yes, it's me again!  I am Mykayla!  NOT!!

Mykayla was the weird one for me.  She's probably more like me than I will ever admit.  The big clue: she wants to be a writer.  Well, she really isn't based off me, isn't that weird! 

Mykayla is the daydreamer, the in between shy and outgoing girl. 

I used to claim I was shy.  I can't really claim that anymore, but I am still quiet.  Let me have an pinion about something though and I am the most talkative person.  Mykayla is like that.

Except she has a whole lot of other issues I really don't have.  She doesn't think she is pretty enough.  She is constantly on diets (okay, that is me).  She doesn't date much.  And she basically lets her mother run her life.  Because she has so much stuff going on with her, it's no wonder she is based off many of my friends around that time.

Fresh out of college, trying to be a grown-up.  I think, by stories end, she has the happiest ending.  I just did an edit of the last fifty pages and WOW!  Can my own writing get me emotional and cry??  I absolutely love my characters.  Like I am part of their circle and I am their best friend as well. 

If All That It Seems never sees the light of day, it would be such a same.  These three women: Amari, Shae and Mykayla need their story to be told.

Look out for them!

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