Friday, August 27, 2010

Character Development: Shae Morris

Not to be outdone by Amari, Shae Morris is the take no nonsense, "I'm the Boss" type of woman.  She all about getting ahead in the business world, and to do so means long hours at work, working toward that Master's degree, and absolutely no dating! know she really doesn't mean that!

Again, me pictured!  LOL, Shae looks NOTHING like me, and acts least like me.
Shae, better known as "Money, Power and Respect" would be the leader of this little friendship crew.  She's the oldest, she's the wisest, and she never hesitates to tell the other two her mind.  Now, how was Shae developed as a character?  Rather different from Amari.  I needed no picture of her in mind.  She's one of my dearest friends.  I'm sure when my friend reads this book, she's going to say, "Gurl, that is not me....but why she acting like me!" 

Shae is thin as a rail and wants to GAIN weight.  It is hilarious how any scene with food is like the funniest ever!!  Is this were a movie (my head thinks like a movie when I write this) any scene with food, get ready for Shae to have a few cute one-liners.   She's so well put together in other situation but when it comes to food.  Man, if it were not for Shae, none of the other characters would have eaten in the whole book.  When Shae comes around, food is discussed, period.

And Shae's romantic story line packs some heat too.  Not as conservative as she tries to be.  She is freaky in the sheets!

Last but not least, MyKayla for you tomorrow!


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