Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy endings

Just when I thought I was finishing up my edits on ATIS, I find out that the novel must be no longer than 70,000 words to the publisher I want to submit it to.  It was 86,000 words!!

Uhh, okay... what did I do?  Started editing like mad crazy.  I got it down to 77,000 words.  So 7,000 more words, and I have no idea where it will come from.  I have to take a break from ATIS it seems right now.  My mind is already moving on to my next project.  So I have taken yesterday and today off from writing anything but will be at it hard on Sep 1 when my 30-day challenge.

Can I finish a complete novel in 30 days??  I think it will be a piece of cake.  Well, that is considering that there is a 3-day weekend and I like to have all out writing fests then.  So hmmm, I could get more than half of it done then.  Plus the weekends I like to at least take one whole day and just write, imagining that's what I do professionally, just write.  Would be nice.

My characters for this new project are starting to talk to me!  Poor "millionaire playboy" so misunderstood.  He's so complex I really don't know where to start with him.I do know this, this won't be your typical romance story.  Outside of the boy meets girl, boy falls for girl element, it probably won't follow the structure of the typical romance.  Well, I haven't read a "typical" romance in years, they all bore me to death, I just want to get to the ending and see the happily ever after.

I'm a sucker for a happy ending!

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