Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do I come up with this crazy stuff??

I get ideas from everywhere for my stories. But best of all, is from ME!! I watch my surroundings and other people and always think, "Hmmmm, what if..."

So here's a preview of my third novel, yet to be titled, but I want to use the main character's name November in it. Suggestions please!

No one expects the quiet, mousy drama teacher to elicit so much….well, drama! November is so confused with her life right now. No one knows of her secret affair with an older, white, married man…and let’s not forget the fact that he’s her boss. So when her high school crush, Israel , makes an appearance in her life, the drama really begins.

Israel was literally, the one that got away. The womanizing up-and-coming R & B singer, left November in tears ten years ago. He is now ready to act on those feeling he has harbored for her during high school. But he has his own demons to deal with including a baby momma, ex-girl friends out to get November, and a dangerous stalker.

November can’t decide between the two, so she does what any woman in love with two men would do, she has them both. How much longer can she lead these men on? Maybe after getting attacked by the ex? Maybe when the wife shows up at her doorstep? The bullet grazing her arm? Being exposed by a student and her job being threatened? Being kidnapped, tortured and left for dead?

So okay, first off, November is a teacher and so her boss would be...ding, ding, ding! The Principal. Back story on this idea?  November actually teaches at the school she attended ten years ago and yes, he was the principal then.

Israel is HOT! Smokin hot. They were best friends in high school, though both had deeper feelings. 

All the baby momma, psycho stalkers, gun-toting, kidnapping craziness is the Drama Queen in me. I mean, really? Who does that?

This is fiction, that's what it is good for. But I base my ideas off of my "What ifs..."

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