Friday, August 13, 2010

Ideas for a Greek Life series

Okay, since I have declared myself the new writing phenom, all I can think about is story ideas all day. I have a notepad near at work and I am always jotting down stuff. I plan on doing NaNoWriMo this year, which is in November, BUT...I was thinking, why wait till then!

Basically with NaNoWriMo you write at least 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. So umm, I'm going to try that for next month! And then I will do it in November. But I was also thinking, why not do it every other month! So we will see about that.

Where do I have all this time to write? Late in the midnight hour I tell ya! When I wrote my WeBook profile page bio of me, since I had sent in Sister Circle first, and it is about sorority life, I wrote:

I'm that sorority girl. I love the life and I love to write about it. During my four years in college I witnessed so much and some of those things make interesting stories. If my friends ever read this, they will see themselves in some of the characters. I'm that drama queen, always into something, takes no mess from anyone, with the looks and the yes, just a little cocky! I write about real people like me. Real situations. I just sprinkle a little extra drama to reality and voila, these crazy wacky characters come to life.

But Sister Circle is my only novel (so far) that deals with sorority life. In my first novel All That It Seems, the 3 main characters are in a sorority, but it's not about the sorority. So anyway, long story short, why can't I be the "authority of Greek life." Well, let's just say African American Greek life, because the white fraternities and sororities is a whole different ball game.

I have been in my sorority for nearly 16 years. And before that, I was on the inside of a fraternity (i.e., their little sister organization). I know the fraternity life as well as the sorority life. I wrote my first screenplay about a fraternity "Greek Freak" Yeah, the title is wack!

So I started to jot down ideas for very different novels.

Frat House. ABC fraternity (have not come up with a name yet) is the only African American fraternity on campus with a large fraternity house on Greek Row. They party hard and they long, with five or more parties a week. Three best friends that pledged together are as different as can be. Corlin is the brains in charge, the President, the honors student, and keeps everyone in check. His steady girl friend has no complaints, till he falls for one of their little sisters. Javier is just a little too cocky, believing he's every woman's dream. Why settle down when he can have them all. Leonard was this quiet, shy nobody before he followed in the shadows of his friends and pledged. Now girls come on to him for all the wrong reasons. Can he find someone who really wants him for him? Through the parties, the fun and the bond, these brothers show you what frat life is all about.

All In Due (Delta Upsilon Eta) Time. Katie wants to join DUE sorority but they only take the best. She has to stay on top of her grades, not get into any trouble, and dodge playboy Tony, the horny frat guy. It does not help that he dates Lisa, the president of DUE. She longs for Rich, her friend, who thinks pledging is dumb. Her roommate pledges the rival sorority. Can their friendship make it.

Sorority Girl. Kathy is that Diva. President of her sorority. Smartest girl on campus. Talented singer and dancer with model good looks. She can do no wrong. Except with dating. Too many to choose from. The good, the bad, the fine, the ugly, too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat. Okay, maybe she's a little picky.

Fire 'n Ice. Two rival fraternities have always battled it out. They battle it with the stepshows, the battle it out at the parties, they battle it out over the women.
And just some titles I like that give me vague ideas on storylines:
N.E.O. (Nu Epsilon Omicron) You have to know what a neophyte is to get this title
Okay, that's all I have right now, and that last one is not that strong, but I like the concept. Not saying that I will actually write any of these, but this is how I brainstorm. Now I will save these notes I jotted down in a folder with about 1,000,000 other ideas!

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