Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me not writing?.... Yeah, right!

Even though I am not supposed to be writing this week, I have managed to work on editing ATIS and writing up a few new pages for a story that may never hit the public.  Sometimes I have to just write and create, even if I never want to publish it.  And I think it's a really great story, but reading it you can tell that it's one of my dreams I am expanding on (yet another way I come up with story ideas).

Imagine if you meet XY celebrity and he falls in love with you?  Yeah, that's the story line.  But I added a bunch of fictional crap to give it legs, but anyone reading it would know the main character was me and who the celebrity was supposed to be.  No matter how I changed the description of the guy or what he does, you CAN STILL TELL.  I'm just a romantic at heart and this story has just taken off.

In fact, the FIRST novel is the longest novel I have ever written (and this has not, and may not ever be edited).  I just kept writing it till it came to a conclusion point, because there was still more story to tell.  So I decided to write a sequel.  In that one, the main character is nothing like me really.  I mean, she's still the same person, but her life has evolved in a major way, I see none of me in her.  The first one was the love story between her and the celebrity.  In the sequel, her sisters are all main characters.  In total, there are SIX main characters.  Whew! 

I get so involved with my stories and the character, I just want to write about them forever!  Well, in this concept, the sisters, known as "Six Sexy Ass Sistas," were just begging me to flesh them out.  All of them so different.  They all demanded my attention, so hence the sequel (to a book that will never be). 

But anyway I love writing just to come up with crazy stuff.  I still plan on doing a writing challenge in September and doing NaNoWriMo in November, so that will be two new story ideas.  I have millions of them in my head, trust me on that, just don't have the time to write it all. 

That's why I would love nothing more than just write all day and publish 3-4 books a year and live off that.  My dream!  Or sell one a year and be a big shot and make that much money!  I mean, Terry McMillan doesn't put out a book a year.  Heck, not even two years!  Must be nice.


  1. Kim, your stories sound intriguing. How come they'll never see the light of day? Sure, they may need some serious revision--whose stories don't?--but maybe when you've got some distance from them, you'll see the market potential. Then again, maybe they're just for you.

  2. Thanks Patricia for commenting! Initially I started the novel as my second novel, but I was worried it shadowed me too much. I could change the main character a bit. She was a personal trainer before I even became one! I think it would be great to try and get out there after a few years have passed and I can go in and really mold it. The sequel is way hotter than the original that's for sure, but the sequel can't exist without the first one. I'm weird like that.