Saturday, August 28, 2010

My character screamed at me last night

So last night it hit me!!  I was editing ATIS, and needed to flesh out one character just a bit, make him the "millionaire playboy" that other characters were calling him, when in fact, he was just a rich guy looking for love too.  Well, I added like two lines, and then he screamed at me "Hey!  That's it?  What about me?"

He was asking me to flesh him out even more.  He wanted to find love too.  A light bulb went off!  I was just coming up with an idea for my 30-day challenge, and already decided on having a regular, working class female meet a millionaire and they fall in love.  The typical romance story that I have not written since I was a kid.

In fact, I ALREADY wrote this story back when I was a teenager.  The general concept was written over 20 years ago.  Girl meets a rich guy, she thinks he's arrogant or something, but he continues to pursue her.  They fall in love, but of course there are troubles along the way.  Well, the guy from "ATIS" basically begged me to write him in as the male lead.

Yes, my characters do talk to me, I am not crazy!!  But it's a wonder that I didn't think of him in the first place.  The "millionaire playboy" is actually designed off a real person!  (And he's not a millionaire, but close to it).  His character is in relation to the Shae character...sooooo....he really was a minor player in ATIS (though his NAME was said maybe more times than any other character)  In my original story of the millionaire playboy, he was born into his riches, but in ATIS, he made all his money himself, so I will have to change up a few things.

Yes, that little tidbit changes a lot!  A millionaire that worked hard for his money versus a millionaire that laid back and lives off his parents trust finds are two different entities!!  So yes, this is a challenge for me.  What this does do, me using a character I am familiar with, is helps me move along the story for the challenge.  I already knew my female lead, having worked her up previously when the idea came to rewrite this story.

I am excited about the possibilities with this story idea.  Can I really type 80,000 words in 30 days?  I want a complete first draft, so we shall see.

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