Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Read the first page of my novel

"All That It Seems" page 1

It was Grown and Sexy night at Club Seven. The club was packed and Amari loved it. Dressed in a short black dressed that hugged her curves and five-inch stiletto heels that seemed to give her already tight body a lift, every man turned his head to get a peek. Her honey colored skin was kissed by the sun, giving her a radiant glow. Long, lush waves of sun streaked, golden brown hair cascaded down her back. She was the caramel-colored Black Barbie of the new millennium.

She knew she was all that.

“Amari, do not act a fool tonight,” her best friend, Mykayla, said to her once they were inside the packed club.

Amari only grinned at her friend, as she swayed her hips to the thumping music. Mykayla was wasting her breath trying to calm her down. With her outfit and natural beauty, the guys were going to cause a riot to get close to her.

She wished her friend could loosen up at bit. Before they hit the club, she dropped by Mykayla’s and immediately tore her outfit to pieces. Amari rummaged through the closet, trying to come up with a decent outfit for her friend to catch the fellas’ eyes, but it was useless.

“Girl, we have to go shopping!” Amari said

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  1. Nice excerpt! Keep em' coming :-)

    Hannah aka @Bossladywriter