Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sharpen those pencils

So today I am still editing!  Yesterday I accomplished a lot.  But this weekend I WILL finish.  I'm ready to start something new and fresh September 1 for my 30-Day Writing Challenge.

I was reading in another writer's blog how they like to hand write their first draft.  I thought I would always be a hand writer myself, because starting at age 12, that's all I did.  I had a whole suitcase full of binders with my stories.  Wish I had all those now!  If nothing else, they would provide some good story line, because I'm sure those mini-novels were naive and not well thought out. 

I was a dreamy kid.  A daydreamer.  I didn't do much, didn't go out, didn't even date.  So kissing a boy was totally up to my imagination.  Oh, and I had a good imagination!!  All my life experiences has done was bring the drama to my already wild and crazy imagination.

Today I write everything on my trusty laptop, which is good for nothing but that.  It won't even get an Internet connection.  I mean, I think.  I have a desktop I use for that.  I haven't even tried to get Internet on my laptop.  Why?  Totally not needed.  It's for word processing only!  Plus it's busted and cracked and hanging on a hinge.

I still hand write my character outlines and story outlines.  I have a small tote file case for all that.  All my story outlines and characters, in a file with tentative title on the label.  Oh, I also have a bigger file cabinet with much of my complete work, from all the way back in college, and probably then some.  I also keep the rejection letters I have received in one folder.  Or anything related to writing.

So least I "try" to be organized.  Can't say I truly am.  On my next blog I want to discuss characters and how I come up with them, how do I vision them and what they heck do they look like.

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