Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ummmm...really? I need to do this?

I like to hear myself talk. Because of that I decided to make another blog devoted just to my writing. I have another blog where I ramble off my fitness and weight loss expertise. Check for that at: http://kstylelifestylefitness.blogspot.com/

Okay, it's Tuesday evening and I have rededicated myself to my first love, WRITING!! On the agenda this week is to just write, write, and write!! So far, so good this week. I also found a site where I can post my short stories for a small monetary return to me. Woohoo! Check for that at : http://www.blackshortstories.com/catalog/ I have nothing posted there yet. but by this weekend I will. I'll keep my first one or two free for readers and then charge the $2.00 download fee for others. I have to feel it out and see whats what first.

Also this week, fingers crossed, I will send out my first 3 chapters of my novel, "All That It Seems" to a small publisher here in St. Louis. This baby I have worked on for years. I actually completed it nearly 4 years ago, sent it out to a few agents with no luck so I gave up. No more of that defeatist attitude!! As my soror Sheryl Lee Ralph stated during the Delta National Convention in New Orleans, "If you can't accept rejection, GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS!!" I heard that statement well. It's my new motto.

So I will be blogging about projects I am working on, my day-to-day stress as a writer, and whenever I find somewhere to send my work. I write a little of everything. Screenplays are my first love. Then novels, short stories, plays and I even have a one-act play somewhere stashed away I did in college.

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