Thursday, September 9, 2010

54,200 words in...

And I am falling in love with this story.  Aaw, who doesn't like a great romance.  And since this is one of my first times focusing just on one couple, and not going the "girl friends" route, it gives me time to really focus on building their relationship. 

Every day like clockwork, I sit at my laptop and just get to writing.  Have yet to miss a day and don't plan on it.  Even when I reach 80,000 before the end of the month, I can start editing it.  Nothing too big, because I want to sit on it for awhile before I do any serious editing.  I still have to work on getting my first novel out there, and I will work harder now, because this new WIP cannot even be released without the first one getting out there and being successful.

No, it's not written as a sequel, but the "millionaire playboy" shows up in my first novel, and reading and understanding his actions in that, would help to understand his behaviors in the new one.  It could stand on its own, because I give enough back story, but it's just the order of things.  This WIP was not supposed to be my second novel I wanted to push out there, and it still probably won't.  Sister Circle is technically still my second novel, and that is how I will proceed with pushing it out there (if I ever finish it).  This current WIP (yet to be titled) would be third.

And that's saying a lot, because my unofficial third novel, I started but hit writer's block with it.  Too much going on I couldn't pull it off.  Guess I will come back to that at a later date.

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