Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't touch my cell phone!!

The situation:
"Millionaire playboy" did not get rich by being dumb, yet, he falls for the oldest trick.  He leaves his cell phone out so someone can happen upon it and possibly find damaging information.  Not only does my boy have one cell phone, he has two.  One strictly business iPhone he uses as his lifeline for all business matters.  Million dollar deals are made on that phone.  In the wrong hands, millions dollars could be lost as well.  It's his office in his pocket.  Never leave home without it. 

And then there is the Blackberry, better known as the "Booty Line."  This is for his personal pleasure.  He stores his multitude of women and various "other" info on them (i.e. pics you don't want your mom to see).  Both phones should be guarded at all times...but one he happens to leave out on more than one occasion.

Now if you're one of his multitude of women, you see the "booty line" phone, what do you do?  Do you click through it, see the names and faces of all the competition?  Do you delete texts and email messages?  Do you scan through all those dirty pics wondering "WTF?"

Or worse--download it all to your phone for future uh, let's just say....blackmail?

Never ever leave your cellphone out if anything on it can be incriminating!  I'm just saying....

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