Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fine tuning the small detail

Long weekend, and lots of writing done.  Doing well in my 30 day writing challenge.  I'm at 46,000 out of 80,000 words.  It's only Day 7!  I thought I had ended the novel, but then I upped the drama level.  It's always, "what can go wrong WILL go wrong."  And as always, half the time I don't even know what will happen to my characters, I just let it flow.

It is so weird sometimes.  I may write a small detail about the character, then later, it comes up in a BIG way.  Something just snowballs.  It's all about those small details.  I like to read mystery novels, though I think they are pretty tough to write.  It is that attention to detail that is needed to make the perfect crime.  Who done it?  How'd they do it? How'd they get away with it?  Can I hide the guilty party easily throughout the novel to the very end? 

Half the time I don't know what character is doing what, so then at the end, I can make the psycho anybody I want.  Okay, this was supposed to be a romance? Psycho? 

My dilemma with this wip "romance" is I have my characters fall in love too quickly!  I mean, "millionaire playboy" puts in work to win her over, and I don't know how much am I supposed to drag out the courtship.  In my eye, once you fall in love, stop procrastinating those feelings.  Sure, they have other obstacles to face (many ex-girl friends, a psycho on the loose, and a whole lot of emotional baggage), but there WILL be a happy ending.

Or maybe not...

What I am finding interesting is this "millionaire playboy" character, and his relationship with Shae.  He was just a side character in ATIS, and he fit the bill for this story idea I had.  Who knew he would be so great at it!!  Even though I have written it as a book on it's own, it's a "spinoff" so to say, of ATIS.  Someone asked me if I would do a sequel to ATIS.  I replied that none was needed, it wrapped up with a happy ending.  But this is as good as a sequel.  You get to see at least one of the main characters after story. 

It was that fine detail I took from ATIS, used in this current one, and it just worked!!  And I was not going to change ATIS to fit this novel either.  I thought that would make it tough, but it made it pretty easy.  Now I'm wondering if I can continue to just spin off all my characters with additional novel ideas.  Didn't E. Lynn Harris write like that?  I know he had several characters that appeared in more than one, if not all his novels, Basil for instance.

So the issue now becomes, I MUST get ATIS published first.  I think without that, this new novel would not be as interesting.  So I will work my blood, sweat and tears to make this happen!!

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