Friday, September 3, 2010

Here's to another fairy tale ending

Last night I did another 6,300 words bringing my wip total to 12,600.  I actually see a lot of edits for this one.  And a LOT of research.  I did a bit yesterday.  Like the "millionaire playboy" lives in a penthouse, but I needed to know what those were like for the area, so I did some research.  He wears designer labels I have no clue about.  He's up on his diamond lingo, really I had to find out what VVS was all about I hear rappers rap out.  Oh, now I know!

Really, the only thing I know about the rich and famous lifestyle is what I hear singers and rappers talk about.  Maybe from a few movies, maybe.  Soap operas have millionaires as well.  They have their own drivers, a maid, even a butler at times.  Well, in developing this character, I didn't want him to be over the top with his riches, though he does like to throw it around.

I decided to make him as normal as any 27 year old millionaire could be.  He has a hip hop edge to him.  He's not all stuffy, though every day he wears suits and ties.  he would have to be more laid back, or else how would he fall for a pet groomer?  She doesn't own a car, rides her bike everywhere or take public transit, and shops at the Goodwill.  Perfect match right.

I always like when total opposites meet.  Isn't that always the case with romantic stories.  Can two opposites really fall in love?  Of course they can, it works out all the time in fairy tale land.  So what makes my story so different from ever other romance story?

I guess it would be my voice.  The way I weave the story together that makes it exciting.  Even though I thought it was story driven, the characters seem to be taking the lead again.  And even though I started with painting the "millionaire playboy" as a total jerk that used women, he still pulls at your heart strings.  You want him to fall in love with this normal girl.  You want her to fall in love with him.  You hope he doesn't do anything to mess up the relationship (he'll have to do a 360 to change his bad habits of collecting women).   

I guess this will be another happy, fairy tale ending.  Or will it?

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