Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am not crazy!

I was researching writing screenplays since I have not done one in awhile and I can’t seem to find any of my old screenwriting books.  Well, I came across some lessons on character development, and it stated that the characters should come alive in your mind and tell you their story.

YES!!  I have been saying this forever, but I was also thinking I was nuts!   I thought I would have to call a shrink to help me with the voices in my head.  So all writers go through this and it’s not just me?   Someone, please tell me it’s not just me!!

Sometimes I hear them very clear, other times, it’s me the writer directing them where I want to go.  Most times, I’m creative enough to put them in a situation and the character just tells me how it all works out.  Those are some of my best scenes I hate to edit down!

In my current WIP, I am going through making “Millionaire Playboy” really the bad boy at the beginning.  He’s dating several women, all while trying to get the attention of my heroine.  I think at first I was rushing them to get together, but this guy would not do that.  He would want to still hold on to all his women.  And that just makes it interesting anyway.

Last night, I decided to add a scene where he is “sexting” with girl friend #4.  I was literally typing it and thinking, “This is too much!” But it is what he would do, and girl friend #4 would do.  I couldn’t hold back.  I read over it several times, and still could not delete a thing, even though the scene played put like a porno.  Now, some of it may meet the cutting room floor, but why hold back now?

See how his cellphones will get him in trouble?  I hope he deletes those texts, LOL!

The male lead is taking over this story big time.  The female lead hasn’t said much to me, and it reflects in her story.  Also, part of it is her character is very secretive, and she’s even holding out on me!  It’s like pulling teeth with her.  So I then go in and write what I think she would do and say.  This makes her all over the place, and not a very strong character IMO.  But hey, this is the first draft, and I will tweak her a bit later.

Some of the side characters speak to me more than the female lead.  “MP’s” mother I adore.  His assistant is great!  I like girlfriend #2 the best, as far as her story.  The story is evolving, that’s for sure.  It’s not the same story I envisioned in my head a month ago.  I thought it would be the female lead that would tell most of the story.

I like surprises!  I just hope “Millionaire Playboy” gets his happily ever after so I don’t have to revisit him again, hmmmm….

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