Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well, the very first time I remember writing, or wanting to be a writer, I was in the 7th grade.  My essay was entered in a writing contest for Dr. Martin Luther King.  I didn’t win, but it sparked the fire.  I quickly wrote my first story.

I wish I could remember it.  Something about teens in high school, and it was a romance.  I remember clipping a picture from Essence, Ebony or Jet that was a Sprite ad with a boy and girl leaned against school lockers, one holding a Sprite in their hand.  Well, they were my main characters, and of course that became a scene in the story somehow.  I glued it down on the cover of my notebook and that was my cover.   LOL!

I had a friend at the time that loved to read those types of books (we both did) so I let her read it.  I think she liked it, but it didn’t matter.  I quickly wrote more. I actually remember my second story.  It became part of a series about one girl who aspired to be a model/actress.  Well, I redid those stories recently and hope to really revamp them for the Young Adult market one day.

Anyway, before high school started, I began what I can only describe as my “fantasy-world journal.”  It was me, but not really me.  It was me doing everything great while starting high school, meeting the perfect boy and dating him for four years.  Never happened!  But I started it before I began school, and I continued writing in this “journal” to college. (I stopped sometime after they got married.) I still adore that series!!

My next series is my FAVORITE!  It’s basically a television show I wrote about two white teens moving into a Black neighborhood in St. Louis.  The show would have been great back in the late eighties, early nineties when I started it, but now it may not be that big of a deal.  I still love the idea and would love to rework it and try and get it out there.

It evolved from being about that to just a teen soap opera (think Beverly Hills 90210 or Gossip Girl) and this is BEFORE any of them!!  It dealt with issues I dealt with in high school and even some made up stuff.  And it had an ever-changing cast.  Like if someone’s story line just got boring, I could write them off.  Each school year, new students would join the cast.  I currently still work on this a bit, but no time to really write it like I like.  I think if I had to count seasons of this show, I have about seven or eight.

So the main characters started as sophomores, but after they graduated, new characters were already taking over as leads.  Sometimes I wrote about the college crowd or even the junior high crowd if the characters were relevant.  Like three of the female characters started on the show in 8th grade, because they were all connected to other main characters.  Well, they started a female singing group and by their junior year in high school, they had hit the big time and were super celebrities.  Love them!!

And in between writing all those series, I wrote about 100+ other stories.  I had themes with it all.  I had two different series going on where the main characters’ names started where in alphabetical order.  So one story the female lead name began with an “A” and all the way down to “Z.”  So there were 26 stories in one series with a female lead in the alphabet series, and then I did the same for a male series, which included another 26 stories.  In each of those alphabetical series, the love interest had to be more than ordinary.

For instance, the female lead falls in love with a blind guy, or a celebrity, or her boss, of her best friend, or met on the Internet (and this is BEFORE Internet).  None of these in this series were dealing with high school issues.  I still had my television show and “journal” for that.

Sometime in college, I really stopped writing like I used to.  I was too busy writing for classes.  I went to college to study film and television with the hopes of working behind the scenes directing and/or producing.  Well, I decided that I would love to write movies.  So I took a bunch of classes, and by the time I graduated, I had four completed scripts.  I basically turned my back on writing novels.  I only wrote screenplays and continued on with the television series, actually revamping it around that time.

Post-college, I really tried to get my screenplays out there.  I spent a year or more trying to get them out there.  I few interested, but I never followed through.  So I went on with my life.  I didn’t turn my back on writing, but I didn’t think it would ever pay my bills.  I did revamp my series on the aspiring actress, which in turned inspired a spin-off series about a high school filled with basically, very talented teens.  That will see the light of day, that’s all I have to say about that!!

This brings me to recent years.  About five years ago, I decided I would give novel writing a try.  Mind you, I NEVER took a class on how to write a novel.  I had a book, read it thoroughly, and then just went for it.  My first novel “All That It Seems” was written over a four-day weekend.  I spent another couple of months editing it.  I quit my job to pursue writing, attended a Writer’s Conference and was all gung ho about it.

Nothing happened and I went back to the working world.  Shelved my writing, only dabbling in it for fun, and here I am today.  I have been re-inspired to finally do this and not have any more setbacks!!  I am gung ho and this is my destiny!!  Whether it is novels, plays, screenplays, television scripts, or whatever, I AM A WRITER!

I have lived and breathed it for years.  There is really nothing else I EVER wanted to do.  Writing is my PASSION! 

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