Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm going to do what a writer does, and WRITE!

How many of us, in whatever it is we want to do: write, sing, act, dance, study law, start our own business, travel the world, or whatever… never actually do what it is we crave to do?

Not me anymore.  I think part of me was afraid others would not like my work.  I don’t think my writing is like anyone else.  I used to send it off to competitions, but really, I never thought anyone would care for my work.

I went into it with NEGATIVE feelings, so of course I got NEGATIVE results.  I probably did not put enough work into each piece.  Clearly I am the queen at cranking out work (I finished “Millionaire playboy” story this weekend), but the editing process will be long and hard.

I have been stalling sending All That It Seems out too.  No more!!  It will see the light of day soon.  I don’t know how much more editing I need to do on that thing!  My computer is on the fritz, which is the main reason I had to put a pause on that.  BUT THAT’S AN EXCUSE!!  I need to take to computer to get fixed because sending out my work is TOP PRIORITY.  Just like I put myself on a schedule to write, I need to put myself on a schedule to send this out.

Writing out a schedule now….

Oh, and I will start my screenplay soon.  I need to work out my characters a bit more.  I have a general outline of the plot, but it needs work.  I’m actually nervous writing my first screenplay in over a decade.  Fingers crossed I write to the best of my ability and someone reads this and actually thinks it makes a great movie.

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