Thursday, September 16, 2010

Millionaire playboy meets Top Model

Yesterday was my birthday, and oh what a day.  I didn't do a darn thing, and for me, that is a great day!!  I did not fuss at my kids, I did not cook dinner, I just sat and enjoyed my favorite show, America's Next Top Model.

And lately, everything I do is related to the work I am writing.  Even ANTM!  One of the "millionaire playboy" ex-girl friends (in her mind they are still together) was a contestant on the show.  So I like to watch and get characteristics of these models for my character.  Yes, she is a bit over the top.

Last night was interesting.  First shoots are always bizarre.  You see who will lead the pack, but also, I take note of the bottom people.  Sometimes, they go on to lead the pack.  Eva Pigford was one.  She nearly went home that first week, but she won.  I think there was another that started at the bottom and rode up.  Never, ever underestimate the competition.

I am so glad they sent home who went home.  The model that was not only too thin (because they all are) but basically starved herself to be so thin.  Not even that, but her whole attitude of being superior than all irked me.  So good riddance!  I really like the 6'2" girl.  The "quirky" girls always seem to shine.

For my character, let's just say she is the "b****."  Yes, of course I want the most colorful character I can find.  And even though she did not win, big things has happened to her, so of course she has a huge ego and thinks she's a diva.  What does "millionaire playboy" see in her?  She's pretty, check!  She's rich, check!  They come from the same background, check!  And she's great to be seen with in public, check!

But his favorite quote is, "Love is for suckers!"  Too bad "Top Model" has fallen deep in love with him, and she would do anything, ANYTHING, to keep her man.

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