Thursday, September 2, 2010

Once again, computers are stupid...or maybe it's the people operating them

Yesterday I started my writing challenge and it's off with a bang.  I'm not the fastest typist ever, but when things are flowing I'm, sure my speed goes up 10 words per minute.  Well, feels like it.  So I get to where I want to stop and then check my word count.  6,700 words in a matter of a few hours.

Cool!  Then I did it.  I accidentally hit close and did not click "yes" for save.  What the heck is wrong with me?  It was one o'clock in the morning and I wanted to get to bed, but there was no way I could go to sleep that upset.  I was hitting save every few problems...not often enough I guess.  I was down to 4,900 words.  It seemed like what deleted was all the good meat of it too.

So I recreated it as best I could, and now it is at 6,300 words.  Hey, could have been worse.  I could have deleted the whole thing and had no saves.  We live and learn.  Now I save every half page or so.

My "millionaire playboy" I think I have him way over the top right now.  But this is the "I hate him stage."  I want readers to think this guy does not deserve to fall in love with a great, normal girl.  He's not necessarily arrogant or conceited (just a little) but the way he collects women, it's like a game to him.  He's been hurt bad, that's his take on it, so why fall for another woman that will only hurt him. 

Of course, when he meets my heroine, he's not thinking "Oh, love at first sight." but he really is taken in by her.  She has no idea he is the richest, most eligible bachelor in the city.  I have a cute scene when she finds this out with her roommate.  It still doesn't impress her.  Besides, he has been spotted all around town with his current girl friend, a super model.  Right!!

Let the drama unfold.


  1. Depending on your word processing program, you may be able to customize and automate the frequency of your saves. If you're using MS-Word, I believe it's under "Tools" ; "Options" ; "Save". There you can customize your preferences.

  2. Yes, I did this upon someone's suggestion after the fact! No more scares like this!