Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Screenwriting versus fiction writing

I started writing my screenplay because I could not wait.  First scene I need to describe more.  It’s an action scene, and I just wrote the jist, but I read that if it is going to be a minute of action, that description should cover a page.  UGH!!  Tough, but I can detail out the scene, not to the minute I’m sure, but at least give it a page and a half or more.

This could be a very easy or hard project, depending on how you look at it.  The movie I am basing it off has a long 10 minute action scene (the sequel’s opening was about 8 minutes).  So my dilemma is how much of that action do I need to describe?  Sure not every little detail.

Other than that, writing went smoothly.  The first 4-5 scenes run pretty smooth.  I’m keeping dialogue short, clean and to the point.  I so freaking love screenwriting for this! No need to belabor a point.  And if any dialogue does not move the story forward, it has to go!

I was in the habit of adding quotation marks to the dialogue, LOL!  That was funny to me.  I have been writing screenplays before I wrote my first novel, but the last five years, it’s been about novel writing.  So I guess it is difficult transitioning between the two.

What do I most want to be known for, movies or novels?  Hmmmm, tough choice for me, but I think I will go with movies.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE movies!  I mean, I love reading books as well, but movies really get me going.  And I’d like to think that 4 years of college is not totally wasted if I can break into the film world.  Sitting in all those classes watching those classic movies (that I mostly slept through).  Learning to direct, produce, edit and write films.

Hey, it wasn’t film school, but it might as well been.  Lots of people don’t even know what I majored in at college.  Or, like others in classes with me, think my goal was to produce television news or go into radio.  Very few people pick a small Midwestern college to study film. 

I think my screenplay form could use a little help.  I had a book that taught me how, but can’t find it, so I think I will check some out from the library.  Of course, if I buy one of the software packages, I wouldn’t have to worry about tabbing over, centering this, (v.o.), (o.s), CAPS for names, etc.   But there is something about doing it old school as well.


LOL, love those scene headers!

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