Friday, September 24, 2010

So what's success as a writer

I answered this question on someone else’s blog.  My answer: Success is when I have a book on the best seller list and/or have written a blockbuster screenplay.  Of course, I will consider myself a success simply being published, but I dream BIG!  And why not?

I’m not going to be modest about what I want.  I’ve wanted it since I first put pen to paper.  I don’t want a one-hit book.  I want a LONG career in the business.  I want my name to be synonymous with other famous writers in my genre.  Why freaking not?  Did Terry McMillan aim just to become published?  Was Eric Jerome Dickey happy with only one book becoming published?  Jackie Collins only puts out one every few years, and everyone knows her name and what she does as a writer. 

They all have longevity.  That’s all I really want.  It can start off slow, my first few novels don’t have to hit that mainstream success like Waiting to Exhale did.  It might take a couple of tries to get that book on a best seller list.  But trust and believe, I will continue to strive for my goals, and I allow for no setbacks.

Many writers on that blog commented that they would feel successful simply if others read their work and appreciated it.  Okay.  But I want you to read it, buy it, pass it along, help me promote it with positive feedback, encourage me to write that next big book, support me in any other work I do, and simply help me toward my goal to get a best seller.  Do I ask for much?

Maybe.  I write for the joy of it.  I will always write, that’s just what I do.  If I won a lottery and never had to worry about money, I would still write and push to get my novels and screenplays out there and in the mainstream.  I’ll have more $$ to market it, but hey, I want to be KNOWN for something, and my writing is just it.

I’m a little frustrated that other writers settle for little accomplishments.  Are we ashamed to what great monetary success, fame and fortune?  Are we afraid of aiming too high and never reaching that goal and feeling like a failure?  Or are most of us simply happy at publishing one or two pieces of their work and living happily ever after at that? 

Believe me, when my first novel is published, I will think I am the best thing coming!  But for me to measure myself as a writer, that next book has to be even hotter.  And the next and the next.  I’ll take a flop here and there, but I want to have SEVERAL published books as well as at least ONE of my screenplays on the big screen.

Guess what, I am going to make it happen!1

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