Monday, September 13, 2010

So when does good writing go bad

When you belabor a point, in my opinion.  I am trying not to do that with my current wip.  I felt like I had an ending, and it was nice and sweet.  Now the story itself, did kind of go by quickly, so I'm going back and adding more detail, a couple of important scenes and a bit more drama.  But at some point, I am adding more just to get the word count where I think it should be.

This is good and bad.  I like to edit down, so having more than enough filler is fine in the first draft, because I go back and take it out anyway.  And sometimes, just writing an extra scene, even though it gets the cut in one of the edits, a couple of lines or two from that scene actually stay and moves the story on, adds some depth to it.  The bad side is, sometimes it's hard to get rid of a great scene that adds nothing to the story line, but was still a great scene.  Oh boy, did I ever have those with All That It Seems.  I cut a whole chapter that really was not needed, but it was an extra storyline that got covered in other scenes and did not need a whole chapter.

But I lost some great dialogue, some great growth with a character.  I'd put that chapter back if an agent or publisher said it was needed.  So far with the current wip, I don't see any particular scene/storyline hitting the cutting room floor, but I know it will happen.  The good thing here is there are only two main characters, versus ATIS had three points of view (Shae, Mykayla and Amari) as well as the men in their lives (Trenton, Quinton, Calvin).  Oooo, I need to do some character developments on those hot men of theirs!!

ATIS is on the back burner for now.  I can't do any thing on that, while my focus is on the new wip, especially since it is kind of a spin off from it.  I don't want one to influence the other, they are two separate entities.  Well, I have 18 more days of this current challenge, and I am on 57,670 words!!  I hope I can get to 70,000 by this weekend.

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