Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stop editing and just write!

Yesterday I did no writing!  For the first time this month, I did not even crack the laptop open.  Well, even though my challenge is to write 80,000 words this month, it wasn't so much that I had to write everyday, but reach that word goal.

I'm still on track and it's all good!  I just have come to a fork in the road with the story.  Do I go down this path or the other path.  I have to stop second guessing myself and writing what I think will SELL, and write what I ENJOY writing.  I should worry about things like that later, if at all.  I'm not going to try and fit the mold anymore.

My story is a romance story, just not like the cookie cutter ones.  Or maybe it's just me and I don't read enough of a variety.  Some of my fave authors include Tery McMillan (can't wait for her new one!), Eric Jerome Dickey (he is the man!), E. Lynn Harris (miss him), BebeMoore Campbell (miss her), James Patterson (especially the Alex Cross series), Patricia Cornwell, Mary Clark Higgins, Sue Grafton, Victoria Christopher Murray (my soror), and maybe a few others.  These are writers I will read ALL their work, no questions asked.

I wouldn't say I write like any of them (although I continue to compare All That It Seems to Waiting to Exhale).  I like E. Lynn's style, maybe I am more like him.  But I know for sure I am in a category all to myself, and that's what a writer should do.  My voice is very different from all those listed above, as well it should be! 

So I need to stop editing an changing my voice because I think peoiple won't understand what I am saying.  If my writning is really HORRIBLE I will find out about it soon enough when I send it to agents.  Right now, I can't worry about that, I have to just write like me and continue on doing what it is I do!

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