Friday, September 10, 2010

Stop trying to fit the mold!!

I realized just now that I was doing something gravely wrong with my new writing project.  I was trying to fit a mold.  I wanted so badly to write a romance novel because hey, I'm a romantic at heart.  But fitting my style of writing into a romance structure--boy meet girl, girl falls in love with boy, they live happily ever after--was just not me!  With the exception of having happy endings, I can't write typical romances!!

Though I grew up reading and writing them I just CAN'T get into it now.  When I attempted to do it, I was essentially done with the novel at about 45,000 words.  Soooo, I started added extra scenes, which did not make it dramatic enough for me, just more sappiness.  I like CRAZY characters doing PSYCHO things.  I even want to throw in a little action and danger to it.  I always liked a good thriller, so I really want to try that with this project.

So I will be going through it, fine-tuning it to what my voice says.  Not what I THINK I should be writing about.  It will either fit in some mold, some genre out there, or it will stand on its own.  I'm so worried about sticking to "mainstream" worried no one would get my writing, but that only affects my writing!!

ATIS flowed well to me, either love it or hate it (I compare it to Waiting to Exhale).  But I want this one to be a bit more dangerous, risque, like an Eric Jerome Dickey book.  Love him!  I really loved "Chasing Destiny" and "Genevieve."  Really, I haven't read an EJD that I don't like.

So, I'll stop calling this a romance and just call it what it is.  My little crazy story created by my little crazy, DRAMA QUEEN mind.

Like it or love it peeps, whatever!

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