Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Writer overload: I WRITE TOO MUCH!!

As I am nearing the end of my “Millionaire Playboy” story (and I am liking that as the title or part of it), I am gearing up for the next project.  

I am so wrapped up in writing my first screenplay in over a decade!  Even though I can’t officially start it yet till November 1, I can do preliminary research and jot down character developments.  I have several “scenes” I see in my head, but no characters yet.  But it will come.  My characters always seem to “talk” to me, I just have too many of them talking to me right now to hear the ones I need.

I have researched the directors, producers and production company that put out the movie.  Woohoo!  I need to get this in their hands ASAP, so my goal is to write it fast, edit it even quicker, get some friends of mine to workshop it for me, because with scripts, I have learned, you MUST hear it out loud.  That’ll be fun.

I also am going to dig out my old screenplays.  My very first screenplay is very relevant to my new idea actually.  I don’t want to use it as a base, but I do want to make sure they don’t conflict.  I think my very first screenplay deserves to shine on the big screen, so if I ever have time, I will work on sending that out as well.  It was awarded a prize back in college, so I guess it was pretty good.

One, my second screenplay, I LOVE the most.  It’s called “FRESHMAN YEAR” and as the title states, it’s about freshman year in college.   It actually was submitted for a reading workshop a few years ago, and I loved having it cast and read by actors.  In fact, one of the characters that read a part, I incorporated his look into my character.  I would love to get all my screenplays read by actors.  Wonder if there is a group around that does that?  Okay, off to research and find out!

My third screenplay was based off a one-act play I wrote for class, called “SISTERHOOD.”  It started off in my head as a “Boys in the Hood” for girls, but it’s NOTHING like that movie, I promise!  I have a one-act and screenplay with the same name and characters.    

Actually, it’s been so long, I don’t remember which came first.  Basically I had these characters, I wanted to tell their stories, and I was in a one-act playwriting class, so I used them for that, but their whole story could not be told in a single act.  So later I fleshed it out to a screenplay on my own.  Okay, wait, ignore what I just said!  NOW I remember.  I had a screenwriting class were we were not required to finish the complete screenplay, but I did anyway during the semester long class.  Later I took the one-act play class and based it off the same characters, but it was pretty different.

My fourth novel, wow!  I don’t even recall the title, it was that bad (and I actually changed it a few times).  No, it was not BAD, but to me, it was too “fairy tale” like.  I wrote it for another screenwriting class, so it was work-shopped and others read it and approved, but I never was sold on the idea.  It was based off a story I wrote as a teenager, and all my writing was sappy then.  Something about a big time singing super star meeting a regular girl.  Yeah, like that happens.

I have tried to salvage that screenplay over the years to make it work, with no luck.  It’s one of my works I have invested lots of time in, but won’t try and market it to the public.  Hey, if I can’t get into it, no one else can.

Okay, yes, I am a little off my rocker!  Is this writer nuts?  I write too much!!  How do other writers work out the kinks in their work?  Am I the only one with boxes of written stories, screenplays, plays, etc?  Please tell me I am not the only one filtering at the brim in the madness of the unsold script?

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