Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Writers eat, sleep and live their characters

This is really so true!  I read this from an accomplished writer’s blog.  When I read those words, I was like, DUH!  I know I have repeated this time after time again, but it bears repeating.  For writers reading my blog, you already know.  But for nonwriters, imagine these scenarios:

Hearing voices in your head from your characters talking to you.

“Day dreaming” about characters and scenes. 

Noticing what type of car your character drives. 

Wondering what your characters eat.  Are they vegetarian (many of my characters are), are they into junk food, do they hardly eat and eat lot!

Going to places that your characters would go to.

Jotting down little notes on whatever paper near you (I have oodles of sticky notes floating in my purse, car and around the house) 

Picturing what types of clothes they would wear.

All these things are running through my head now with my new project.  It seemed as if soon as one was ending, this one took over in my brain.  All I think about is what are they doing, why, who can I get it all out of my head and onto some pages that are interesting enough for someone to say, “Hey, that’s a great idea!  Let’s make that movie.”

The writer basically gives “birth” to these characters that would not otherwise come to life without them.  My characters are constantly evolving too.  When I first thought of this idea, pitched the story to my sister, my main character was nothing like she is now.  And that was only 2 weeks ago. 

All my supporting characters will be strong on their own, as if it is their story to tell, well, without them overshadowing my lead.  In a movie, the audience has to constantly be in the action.  Every little second has to be spent on moving the story along.  No extra fluff!

There are no long dialogues.  There is no sulking in a corner.  There is no, contemplating or thinking on the characters behalf (unless it is cut over a collage of other stuff).  I am so ready to do this!!  This is more my style.


Guess I better listen.

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