Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting closer to a story idea

I am yo-yoing between ideas for nanowrimo.  I have yet to decide what I will be writing and that is okay.  I wanted to do something totally different than I have before.  Most of my novels deal with romantic relationships of various sorts.  

But this is what I know!  I want to do a chicklit, but having one main character is kind of hard for me, without making it more of a romance.  I like to have everybody putting their two cents in.  Besides, I’d have to make that one main character pretty darn special.

Then I looked through my files of story ideas I jotted down.  Some ideas are simply a sentence or two describing a general plot.  Others could be an outline of the story.  Even others I have done character write-ups for.  It was one that I did character write-ups on that caught my attention.

I actually loved the characters so much I wrote a short story about them—an erotica story.  Oh, it’s spicy!  I wouldn’t use most of that short story for the novel, but it helps me with my characters.  It’s totally different from all my other novels, but still sticks close to the basic premise.  Girl meets boy, boy has issues, they fall for each other, troubles arise, and then it’s happily ever after.  Or so they all start as. 

“Millionaire Playboy” though it is technically “finished,” I have yet to go through with first round edits and I think I am totally killing the happy ending there.  It just ends too nice and sweet.  I have to shake things up over there. 

And I realized something crazy here, but stick with me.  The idea behind “Millionaire Playboy” was actually from a story I wrote in my teens!  Loved the idea of a millionaire falling for a normal every day girl.  AND this new idea, let’s just call it “Hook” (more on that later) was from a story I also wrote in my teens.  Hmmmm…..

It’s almost the opposite of “MP.”  The guy here is so far from “MP” he’s actually an ex-thug/drug dealer trying to stay on the straight and narrow.  Yes, he’s a roughneck.  Do they still call it that?  His name is “Hook” short for “Hook-up” meaning he was the neighborhood hook-up man.  Whatever you wanted, he could hook you up with that.

When I wrote the story in my teens, I was living in the projects, so I know some roughnecks and how the game goes down.  The premise of the story I wrote over two decades ago was, a well-to-do female car stops in the bad part of town and Hook stops to help her.  They are attracted to each other, but the lifestyle differences…..okay, that’s enough of the plot, because it’s not that simple.  Well it was when I was 15, but of course, I have to make it a little deeper than that.  And oh yeah, the whole car breaking down won’t be used either.

I wrote the outline for this current version FIVE years ago.  I only realized that because some of the research I did from the internet was dated.  I’m sure I have even older ideas.  LOTS!  I could do nanowrimo every month for a couple of years without coming up with any new ideas.  But I will make this my last month of writing something new, SERIOUSLY, and work on getting these works out there. 

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