Thursday, October 14, 2010


I don’t have any right now (well, at least not the for real, mean kind), but I am finding that the more successful you are the BIGGER they are, and the more they are out to get you.  It’s a strange phenomenon.  Wow!

I’m going to use Beyonce haters for my example.  Hate her or like her, there is no denying she is very talented.  You might not like her singing, her voice or the songs she sings, but geez, millions of records sold and awards show somebody appreciates her work.  DON’T HATE!

There are many who are critical of her success, her rise to fame, maybe even her Diva attitude.  SO WHAT??  If you looked like she looked, had the talent she has, the money she has, married to a mogul like she is…how the heck are you supposed to act?  She acts like all of the above because she is all of the above!

You don’t have to like her acting abilities.  She’s not that great there, that’s just me being honest.  I am a BIG Beyonce fan!  I see her faults, I don’t go bam her over the head with them.  Why do people have to publicly diss others?

I see it all the time on my twitter page.  It breaks my heart that these success stories (people who have done it up big in their field) have so many HATERS trying to put me down.  I especially see it done with writers.  Really?  If you don’t like my work or what I write, why are you even acknowledging me with a comment?  DON’T READ IT!!

Actors and singers get it often.  I just thought it was weird that writers have HATERS.  Not only are they so unhappy with their lives, but they are miserable enough to comment on the person’s page negative things.  And I have seen this with non-celebrities that are doing it big.  Hmmm….

If you don’t have anything nice to say….just shut up!

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