Monday, October 4, 2010

How bad do you want it?

Besides working an ordinary 8 to 5 job, and besides trying to make my writing dreams come true, I also am a certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach.  My motto during my weight loss journey has been, “How bad do you want it?”

Anything you want really bad, we musty work hard to achieve!  I really want to become a published author and/or established movie screenwriter.  So what do I do, sit on my heiny and hope luck falls my way?  NO!!!  I write everyday!  I research agents everyday.  I find any place to send my work in.  I visit blogs and talk with other writers, established and not.  I join writers groups.  I hope to go to more conferences soon. 

I should have been this gung ho about it 15 years ago when I finished college.  I should have never let the passion I feel for my writing die down.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda!!  I can’t live in the past, I must live for the future now.  This is no longer “my dream,” I must make this my REALITY.

Just like with my weight loss, there were PLENTY of ups and downs, highs and lows, setbacks, setups, and comebacks.  Heck, I have regained nearly half of my initial weight loss back, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing on.  I am not giving up on my body and I don’t expect to give up on my reality.  I AM A WRITER!  I will achieve my goals I have set for my writing career, just as I achieved my goals in weight loss.

I did not weight till I was at my goal weight to go after my certification as a personal trainer.  I knew it would only push me to reach my goal once I achieve that goal.  Sure enough, it did.  Not only could I coach myself into great shape, I could now help others.  The struggle is hard.  I don’t accept defeat.  We shouldn’t. 

So of course, when I become an established writer, I hope to help others like others have helped me.  But you have to WANT it!  BAD!!  I get many people come to me wanting help to lose 10-20 pounds are whatever, but their heart is not in it.  I can’t make you put down those French fries and pizza!  I can’t make you drink 8+ cups of water a day.  And I can’t make you exercise the amount needed to meet your weekly weight loss.  YOU have to want that just as bad as I want it for you.

Life would be simple if we just laid back, thought of all the things we wanted in life, open our eyes and there we are, thinner, richer, and successful.  It ain’t that easy!!  Hard work pays!!  So therefore, work hard!!

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