Monday, October 18, 2010

Real world versus reality

One of the reasons I love writing so much is because I can make up my own world.  In my world, I believe in the happy ever after.  Sure, I put my characters through a whole heck of a lot of drama, but in the end, I make things simple and easy.  Everyone better smile in the end.

Is this reality?  YES!!  Everyone has a happy ending….maybe you just haven’t gotten to it yet.  You want to become a big, famous actress, singer, writer, (fill in the blank)…. Who said time is up?  If you want it, keep working on it and make it happen!  You want to fall hopelessly in love with the man of your dreams…it could happen!

In novels, we are only reading a snippet of someone’s life anyway.  We’re not starting with their very first relationship and traveling through all their ups and downs to find Mr. Perfect.  A little back story here and there and you can start the character’s growth at the point you begin their story.

I guess I grew up reading too many romance stories where the endings were always happy.  Maybe not as predictable as you thought it would be, but the couple got together in the end.  Even in a mystery/crime story, the crime gets solved at the end, right?  Happy ending.  Well you know, not counting the murder and mayhem throughout the story.

As a reader, reading book after book where the characters die, don’t find love, are still lost, are clueless, still wondering aimless at the end, that’s no fun, right?  I want to either smile, laugh or cry at the end.  Even if the main characters don’t wind up together, or the villain being sought was someone we cared about, there better be an ending that shows some hope. 

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