Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Title Ideas

I am bad with titles.  I don't think I 100% love any of my current titles for either my screenplays or my novels.  So I scrolled through Nanowrimo's Adopt-a-Title thread and jotted down a few (okay, more than a few) that I thought were interesting that I may or may not use to rename some of my screenplay, use for short stories, or use for some of my novels.  The only titles I am stuck to is "All That It Seems," maybe "Sister Circle", and of course my screenplay titled "Freshman Year."  Everything else has always been open for renaming. 

If anyone likes a title for themselves, let me know.  Also, if you have interesting titles for me to add to my list, do so! 

  1. Right Time, Wrong Place
  2. White in a Black World
  3. Lights Out, Party Over
  4. Super Big, Super Hot
  5. Something About This I Really Like
  6. Winning Her Trust
  7. My Brother, My Sister
  8. What Happened to the Girls
  9. Linemaker, Linebreaker
  10. Why Not Love?
  11. What Will Be, Will Be
  12. Maybe, Maybe Not
  13. Lemme Getta Good Look
  14. Say You Do
  15. Time and Time Again
  16. In It To Win It
  17. The More Loved, The Lovelier She Becomes
  18. As Luck Would Have It
  19. More to Life Than This
  20. He Ain't the One For You
  21. Sometimes Isn't Enough
  22. All of My Secrets
  23. Flawless
  24. Nothing is Forever
  25. Sweetest Lie
  26. Not Broken
  27. Still Our Song
  28. Nothing is Real
  29. As I Am
  30. Watching You Watching Me
  31. Newbie on Deck
  32. More Than This
  33. One Truth, A Million Lies
  34. Back to the Beginning
  35. Lil Bit O'Nasty
  36. Kicking and Screaming
  37. Down But Not Out
  38. Love Is Blind
  39. If I Want To
  40. Dreams Don't Come True
  41. I Knew It Was You
  42. Eyes on Me
  43. Every Truth That You Deny
  44. It's a Love/Hate Relationship
  45. Every Girl's Dream . . . Almost
  46. Forgetting How to Love
  47. All The Games You Play
  48. Twisted Web
  49. When Love is Not Enough
  50. Life Is a Crazy Thing
  51. No Tomorrow, Today
  52. Rocking the Boat
I also learned that titles can't be copyrighted.  Well, in the sense that you can name your novel after a song, book, or movie currently made.  I try not to do this, so whenever I have a title, I google it.  In fact "Millionaire Playboy" which is yet untitled but I have considered calling it that, was an old movie back in the 40s/50s.  I googled "ATIS" and it was not out there. 

Most of these titles work for the romantic type novels that I write.  I kind of have a title with my nanowrimo project, but still holding out.  I like to play with the characters names in the titles, and his name is "Hook" and her name is "Angel" so that was pretty easy.  "Hookin' an Angel"  Okay, sappy!  I'm never stuck on a title till somewhere in the editing process, and even then....

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