Monday, October 11, 2010

A writer's voice

I did more reading this weekend than writing.  Finished two books this weekend and both of them written by Eric Jerome Dickey.  Guess I have a little fascination with his style.  One of the books was an older book, the other was one of his newer works.  You could see how he evolved as a writer, but I could also see he kept his own voice.

Voice, that is very important for a writer to have.  My voice can’t be similar to EJD or any other writer out there.  Heck, even if I tried I could not capture another writer’s voice.  That’s hard to do.  I think my writing is unlike any others…and that’s a good thing.  I want to be a writer that brings something different to the table.  Not a cookie cutter writer.

I think some of my story lines they are nothing elaborate and have been done before, but my characters and the way I tell the story, my voice, makes each of my novels interesting.  I read Sister, Sister by EJD and it simply reminded me of Waiting to Exhale.  Friends, trying to find happiness and love…which is what I compare my first novel All That it Seems.  So therefore, the story has been told before, many, many times, but it’s the CHARACTERS who make each of these “girl friend” types of novels unique.

Speaking of my characters, one of them was yelling at me again.  It happens a lot, go read I Am Not Crazy.  The thing was, it was not my main character, not the romantic lead, nor the best friend, nor any character that was relevant to the plot of the story.  It was a side character with no major lines and totally not relevant to the story.  Dilemma.  He was telling me his story, and I had to write it, so I did.

Now I don’t know how to fit it in.  Sure there can be several subplots going on, but I’m afraid it will take from the focal characters and their story.  Remember, this is a screenplay I am currently working on, so I have a set amount of pages to tell a story.  If this was a novel, I’d welcome the twist.  And he has a GREAT story worthy of a whole other screenplay.  Hmmmm.

What to do, what to do??  I’m waiting for more characters to talk to me, tell me their story, and get the ball going.  I have about 70 pages and aiming for 100-110.

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