Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nanowrimo day 30: Last Nanowrimo blog of the year

I cannot believe I blogged every day for 30 days!  That was not the goal for the month, but I had so much to say about my Nanowrimo novel and the experience.  For any writer out there who did not participate this  year, I highly recommend trying this for next year. Even if you don't make it to the 50K, it will get you in a writing frame of mind to JUST WRITE!

My mind has completely turned off of "Six Sexy Ass Sisters."  I do that when I need to give my brain a break.  Not that little elements aren't still floating in my brain, they are, but I have not opened the file since I hit 100,000 on Sunday.  Why?  To just begin edits?  They will be there for me in another month....if I start edits then.

Someone asked me well, what will you be doing now that nanowrimo is over?  Humph!  Where do I start?  How many WIPs do I actually have?  I actually had to break out the scratch paper and jot them all down.

1. All That It Seems.  My very first novel written, and as such, it is my top priority to send out.  I am doing one last edit to get it under 70,000 and then I will start sending out maybe first of next year.  This is my "best friends" novel about three friends looking for Mr. Right.  I blogged about the three main characters and the storyline quite a bit here back in August.

2. Sister Circle. In the grand scheme of things, this would count as my second novel (although in between the two I started and quit several).  It is at 56K and I would like to get it to 70-75K and start a round of edits.  This is second priority.  This is a story about four sorority sisters and the day to day life of college.

3. Millionaire Playboy (not the title). Also not the third novel written (another one in between it), but this is the order I place its importance.  I wrote this in about 20 days in September and it is 74K so complete, but I have not looked at since I finished it, so it needs editing.

4. November's Song (not the title) I started this novel early this year to be my third novel, but lost focus on it, and then MP came and stole its thunder.  Great story, I just lost it somewhere.  I would love to finish this and put it in the line up.  This is the story about a high school drama teacher involved with an older man and her high school crush at the same time.

5. Icee/Kitty Romance (untitled) Since I worked so hard on SSAS, I have to go back to this and decide if I ever want it published.  It is 97K, but I skipped a whole chapter (on purpose).   

6. Beauty School (not the title) a novel based on students in beauty school.  I started this a long, long time ago, immediately after "All that It Seems" but never finished.  This one is different in that it is erotica, so, whatever I do with this, I am unsure.

7. Six Sexy A$$ Sisters.  You know that whole story! This would be in the lineup at the end, for now.

So that is SEVEN WIPs in progress, but wait, I'm not done.  That's just my NOVELS, you do know that I am a screenwriter also.

1. new screenplay. I just wrote one in October and finished it, for the most part.  Need to work on some rewrites and sending it out.

2. Greek Freak.  Or at least that was the title of it when I wrote it 20 years ago.  Right!  My first ever screenplay that I still adore and needs a drastic rewrite, but I will do it and start sending it out there....Again!

3. Freshman Year. Another screenplay I wrote in college.  I never shopped this one out there, but now is the time.  Oh yeah, and I just found the handwritten sequel to this titled Sophomore Year.  Yeah, I'm a mess, but I'm not counting  this.

4. Sisterhood. Not sure if I want to shop this around, because it's not as relevant as it was when I wrote it in college.

5. This Is How We Do It. A screenplay I wrote for a class that I never vibed with.  Rewritten several times, but still cannot get it to work. I think I changed the title several times as well.

6. The Crew From the Lou. I hand wrote another screenplay I never typed up loosely based off my favorite singing group of all times, but yeah, that was just for fun!

7. It's Just A Job. This was a romantic comedy of short. Never finished it.

Also, I write other things:

1. Web-Opera.  Earlier this year I got the idea to write a soap opera-type story as a blog-type of thing.  I started writing it by hand and got pretty far, then got busy and forgot about it.  I still want to have a soap opera type blog.  I've seen it done and pretty successful.  Stay tuned for this!

2. Growing Up television series.  This is my heart!  I want to serious see how I can push this out there.  I have about 300 episodes written.  In all fairness, this should be my web-opera, but it's worthy of so much more.

3. Young Adult series.  This is also my heart!  I wrote some of these as a teenager myself (of course, re-written as an adult).  I would love to serious work on these and get then out there.  I believe I have 8 out of the 20 done in the series.  Have not worked ion this in years.

4. Various miscellaneous short stories.  Where to even begin there!

So there you have it!  Not a boring moment for me and the choices I can decided to work on after nanowrimo.  Hey, writing a novel in 30 days was nothing to me.  How about we start a finish-edit-get-and-agent-and-publishing-contract-in-30-day-Group.

What does this mean??  Nothing new for me besides writing in Script Frenzy in April and nanowrimo 2011.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nanowrimo day 29: Hot, hot men!

Okay, since I am done with writing the story just a few more blogs about Six Sexy A$$ Sisters till whenever I start with the edits.  Thought I'd post my eye candy.  This is Primo Donatelli, the hot Italian Billionaire that falls for Twin #2 Krystle Kelly.  He's nice to look at, and when he speaks Italian it's a real turn on!  Well, you know to Kryssy!

Then there is Hugo, the hot R & B singer that falls for Diva in Training Tenille Kelly.  He doesn't have many lines, but his presence is very much felt in Tenille's story line.  What a cutie!

Of course, I had to add Icee!  I didn't really want to because you know, I use Tyrese as my model, but damn!  He's worth a drooling over as well.  Dark Chocolate.  I likes!

Of course, I already posted one of Killer Victor.  Other hot men include: T-Zack, Icee's best friend and the man Sarena cheats with and; Malik and Dallas, Ashley's two hot model type men and; TonE the young rapper that dates Nola Kelly

My Six Sexy Sisters have to stay up on their game!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nanowrimo day 28: It's over!!

I hit exactly 100,000 words today in "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters," my nanowrimo novel.  And if you're just joining in for some odd reason, read all my past posts this month to catch up.  Go!  Hurry! NOW!

Anyway, I plan on the next blogs till Dec 1 to continue to be about Nanowrimo and my novel and my thoughts about the experience, then, I will shut up about it!!  Find new exciting things to blog about.  My other novels, how they are progressing and the long, weary time I will have sending out queries.  My skin is still not as thick as it needs to be, but I will manage!

I still save a few characters in SSAS I have no clue about.  They either need more fleshing out or just a better direction.  One, Primo Donatelli, the hot Italian that falls for Twin #2 Krystle Kelly.  I don't know what I have done with him. Because of Kryssy's indecisiveness, I have him flip flopping, or rather, she keeps changing her mind.  Does he want to be with her or continue to be the playboy?  I did not want it to be so happily ever after, so I struggled with that.  Primo kept "falling in love" too fast for me.  I just could not write him as the bad guy, still wanting to be the player.  So I made Kryssy just a tad crazy for keep pushing him away.  In edits, I will definite re-work that storyline.  It is nothing new for me to TOTALLY change their whole storyline.  Hmmmmm....

Also, the long lost brother, Christopher Kelly, Jr. For ONE, I don't like the name.  I just threw it in as a place-setter name. TWO: what is his angle really?  Is he using the Kelly name to claim fame or is he sincere?  THREE: How important is he really? Well, I want him as a character in the next sequel, so I really need to be rock solid about who he is.  So far, he has gotten really close with Baby Sister Nola and TonE (formerly just Tone) the rapper.  The three of them are all main characters of the next novel because they are close in age, and right now all friends.  Yes, I already have HALF of that novel plotted in my head.

I wrapped up all story lines except one.  Diva in Training Tenille.  What is interesting about her is that she is such a DRAMA QUEEN, she should have a bigger presence in this one, but she doesn't.  Outside of her killer performance at the Grammys, she's not much of a diva....yet.  So pay attention, Tenille ALSO gets a sequel coming up sometime in the far, far future.  I would like to explore a real Diva in Training and write a novel following her rise to fame.  She's had some bad breaks so far: TA attacking her, AKA turning out to be insane as well, and Hugo, the one guy she was really starting to care about was murdered.  How can she get past all that?  Wait for the sequel!!

As I said previously, I have not written the very ending of SSAS.  I wrote up to a point, where it starts to switch focus, then stopped. Instead of all the sisters POVs, it goes to just Kitty and Icee's.  They make a couple of BIG decisions regarding their life and the twins she gives birth too.  It won't all be wrapped up in SSAS but there will be bits and piece of it in the sequels.

So let's count so far....

1. The very first in the series is an incomplete work of short stories about the rap group Fact Iz and their rise too fame.  It starts with right before they are signed on and will go up until the point Icee meets Kitty.  I started this as just a side thought, wondering what Icee was like before Kitty.  He was WILD!  He has a song called, "Hit it, Lick It, Split It and Quit it" (well, the Facts does) so that pretty much sums it up.  He's the self professed "iceaholic" and "sexaholic."  These short stories are more on the "erotica" genre than anything.  HOT!

2. Icee and Kitty love story.  (I NEED A TITLE!)  If I had to put this in a category, maybe romance--well, till the end.   It just follows Kitty and Icee through about two years and their relationship.

3. Sex Sexy Ass Sisters.  What more can I say about this.  The sisters intrigued me, I had to write more about them.  Even though Two Gun Toting Hot Momma tried to steal the show in this novel (which she really does) toward the end, Baby Sister Nola really stepped her game up.  It starts with Nola beating down her ex-boyfriend, it ends (least at the part I stopped) she's giving a heart-felt speech at a press conference.  She just received her defense training from Victor and now she is another deadly weapon.

4. Nola, TonE and CJ.  So after SSAS ended so well with Nola finally becoming a strong character, I had to continue her story line.  All I know is this: she is dating TonE and they are in love....well, they think so.  But TonE is about to become the next big rapper and as Icee's protege and wanting to be as much like Icee as he can, can he resist temptation?  Not when hot young pop star Fianna is after him.  Not that Nola is being the innocent little girl, flirting with male model Rian.  In the middle if it all, CJ is friends with both.  He actually sings the hook on TonE's first single and he is signed to a record deal as well.  So again, this one will really be in the hip-hop world as well.

5. Diva in Training Tenille.  No story line in the works for her, but know it will be something hot!!

6. Big Sister Sarena.  Oh, you KNOW I have to write more about  my favorite sister!!  Hers will be a prequel to it all. Going back in time when she is just 14 and first meets Victor.  So this will be more of a romance story.  Lots of back story here, but none that hasn't already been discussed but it'll add a few things like 1. Their mother is still alive and she is where they get all their spunk so it will be cool writing about her and 2. Readers will see exactly how Sarena and the rest of sisters become "deadly weapons."  I believe it will cover at least 4 years, from when she meets Victor till when she gets married at 18.

Okay, and no, I am not forgetting the other sisters, Ashley and Krystle.  I have NO clue what I am doing with them.  Duh, Ashley's has to be a prequel though.  Kryssy's may be a prequel as well.  Actually, I'm thinking it should be called "Switchblade Twins" as it has been mentioned several times how deadly Twin #1 and Twin #2 are with knives.  Hmmmm...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nanowrimo day 27: Bring the action

It's a little rough, unedited, but I thought I would post an excerpt.  This is a scene were the psycho, TA, has been spotted while all the Six Sex Sisters are attending a party.  They are sequestered into a holding room where Victor wants them to stay put, with a body guard watching them.  They are all frantic and the scene is fast-paced (as most of my scenes are).  Scenes are short, lots of dialogue and switches POV a lot.
“Hey, hey, can we not get into that today?" Kitty said, going over to Victor. “Vic, where’s Icee?”

“Icee went to look for him too.”

“What? Vic, why would you let him do that? He’s not equipped to handle him like your guys. What if something happens? He could get hurt!” Kitty was about to have a break down.

Vic put his arm around her. “Come on sis, you know I wouldn’t put him in harms way. I could not convince the man to stay, he has his heart set on catching him himself.” Vic rubbed her shoulder. “Stop worrying, okay. Take care of your babies.”

“Fuck this, send me out there to look for him,” Sarena said.

“No, stay here.”

“In hiding?”

“Let me make sure everything is cool before I send you back out there. Okay, can you do that for me?”

Victor left the room, and only Timothy stayed with them. Kitty pulled out her phone to call Icee.

“Babe,” he said.

“Where are you?”

She heard Icee blow out a breath, but he did not say anything.

“Icee, come back! I don't want you out there. Let Victor’s guys handle it.”

“Hell no! This is my problem, okay.”

“Icee,” Kitty said, in tears. “Please come back. I’m scared. I don’t know what I would do if something--”

“Stop that talk,” Sarena said, grabbing the phone.

“Icee, find his ass, kill his ass. Period.” Sarena hung up the phone.

Not my best scene, but a scene that moves the story a bit at the frantic paced ending.  Actually, the next few lines is where Sarena takes out the body guard Timothy and disarms him, rushes out after TA and gets into a shoot-out.  But it needs a lot of editing to get it to move right.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nanowrimo day 26: Mean, mean girls!

Six Sexy A$$ Sisters being bad!

"I could have iced you in the back of the head but that’s the punk move. I wanted my pretty motherfucking face to be the last thing you saw.” Sarena Kelly-St. James as she guns down the bad guy.

"The things he did to me . . . I can't ever forget that. He has to pay! Motherfucker, you ready to die?” Kitty Kelly before she blows off the bad guy's head.

“You dumb motherfucker!” Nola Kelly said, kicking and punching the poor helpless guy on the floor. She wanted to see lots of blood, oozing down his face if she could. “How does it feel to get your stupid ass beat by a girl?”

After taking down a pretty boy model:
“Don’t ever grab me like that! What the fuck is wrong with you?  Now look at that pretty face!” Ashley Kelly

Nola getting her lesson with Killer Victor:
“After you take him down, what do you do?”
“Umm, I want to make sure his ass is down, so I’d stomp him in the face with my six-inch stilettos and go for help.”

Tenille Kelly asking if TA is dead:
"Are you sure? Did you do it yourself and make sure?”
“Naw, I didn’t wax him. But his face is missing and I just squished his eyeball, so baby, you ain’t gotta worry about a thing.”

All of them have bad potty mouths.  I even cleaned up some of the quotes for my blog.  All of them get a little action in, maybe not Krystle, but she talks about a past run in she had slicing and dicing somebody.  Victor always cleans up their mess if they use enough deadly force on a victim.

My word count is 96K and I may get in another thousand tonight and finish tomorrow.   I haven't written the very end because I want to save that for when I come back to edit it, which will be a couple of months.  I did this the same way with the original.  The end becomes dejected from the rest, takes on the effect of a whole other story.  I actually like that.  The original was a romance about Kitty and Icee, then the last few chapters took on the sisters' POV.  This end will go back to just Icee and Kitty POV as they battle to save their lives of their newborn babies.  I felt like that was enough to focus on, without the other sisters and their issues (which I have wrapped up anyway).

I even have written in some of my next sequel ideas, which will be Nola, Tone, and their long lost half-brother CJ. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nanowrimo day 25: Yo, ya hear me, ma!

Part of the hip hop culture is the way that the people talk.  I don't use that much slang in "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters" but I do.  And when I do, it's just most words that I use when I'm around my peeps (people).

I started writing this blog early Thanksgiving morning, it is now midnight and there was just so much!  So, I will only break down a few items right now.  Maybe I will add more to this blog later.

Money is the most used word in the various slang forms.  Here are a few of words that may be used:
cheddar (chedda)
Benjamins or benjys
Friend, also used quite a bit and I don't think I captured them all, but here's a few:
home slice
home skillet
dog or dawg
peeps (short for people)

Diamonds/expensive jewelry are pretty easy in slang form:

To murder or kill:


Cute or attractive person:
dime piece (or simply a dime)

Terms of affection:
shorty (also shawty)

Contraction like words:
I’ma is short for “I’m going to”
Innit is short for “isn’t it,” “Isn’t he/she,” ’”isn’t there”
Y’all means “you all”
A’ight means "all right"

Yo is short for “you," also used to address a person whose name is not known i.e., “Hey yo! What’s up?”

I also use the book "Urban Dictionary" by Aaron Peckham.  There's a lot more words in there.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nanowrimo day 24: All Cried Out

Okay, I know I was supposed to do the slang blog, but that is a biggy to break down, I need more time.  I'll do it tomorrow some time during Turkey Day.

So last night, I wrote the most emotional scene I have ever written in my 25 years of writing.  I'm sure I have had people die in all my stories (maybe one or two out of....200 stories), but this was like a big event.  You first have to understand that this story idea has been in my head for at least 3-4 years.  Even before the Kitty/Icee love story, I wanted to write a novel about a large set of sisters.  As I developed Kitty, I kept adding more sisters, then remembered I always wanted a family of a bunch of girls.

So I gave her that.  But they were side characters really.  None of them had big scenes, not even Krystle and she's the twin.  It took the third leg of that novel for me to get into the idea that these sisters were more than just pretty faces.  At first is was just supposed to be Sarena that was a little rough.  Kitty was this sweet, church-going, non-cussing, non-drinking, celibate girl that was as innocent as could be.

There were a few flashes here and there of her rage, but she was trying to "change."  Anyway, that third leg brought out the beast in all the sisters, even the brainiac Nola who was never in a fight a day in her life.  So I made these sisters deadly weapons.  I blogged about how they were trained by Killer Victor.  (Nola never received her training till she asked for it in this novel on her 21st birthday and THAT scene is HILARIOUS.  She takes Killer Vic down!)

So when Kitty and Kryssy have the chance to escape the psycho, gun in hand, what does Kitty do? Pow!  Okay, I'll save the rest for whenever you guys get the chance to read it, LOL!

I was happy for killing that character off.  It was pretty cool.  But then, one of my sisters is dying from cancer.  Oh lord!  I could barely type I was crying so hard.  I was shaking, my eyes red, snot flowing, tissues everywhere, breaking down like this was my best friend.  BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THEY ARE!  I've known them for years and their story has been in my head running around.  I knew this scene was coming.  I had visioned it in my head several different ways.  One of course, she makes it.  They live happily ever after (I actually wanted the SSS to record an album together in a sequel).  But alas, I could not make them prone from tragedy.

The scene was touching (actually, she hasn't officially kicked the bucket, she's hanging in there till the twins are rescued).  She's just saying her goodbyes to everyone.  Ashley is the one dating two men.  Both come in, men that did not get along before, and they are crying, telling her they love her.  She wants her baby father to keep her daughter in the other guys life.  He agrees.  It is touching. The one that proposed 39 times, she asks him to ask her one more time, just to have a round number.

So yeah, I put a few comedy moments in it, but if (when) you read this novel, if you are not teary eyed at that point, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!  If not that, cry for the ordeal the twins had to go through with the psycho.  I didn't detail every moment of it, but enough to give you chills.  It's not wonder Kitty goes crazy after that.

There also was a shoot-out last night.  Definitely need to work it out in editing.  Like, where is Sarena pulling guns from?  She had three at one point.  She does get shot, but nothing serious.  Her target bites the bullet though.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nanowrimo day 23: It's all about the fashion

Between the recording studio Da Factory Hitz and the artists it has, KStyle Fashions takes up the remainder of the hip hop focus.  The clothes are very important in hip hop culture.  In "Six Sexy Sisters" it plays big because it is what launched the sisters into the world.

Kitty started off as the spokesmodel, while serving as the President of the up-and-coming clothing line, her face was plastered everywhere.  Then she comes up with the concept of all her sisters doing a series of ads titled "Six Sexy Sisters" and they all become every guy's dream.  Even though Krystle is lead designer, she was content with staying unseen, but she agreed to do the ads along with the others (a few others hesitated).

By the start of this novel, the ads were well received and everyone knows these ladies.  I wouldn't say there is anything special about KStyle Fashions.  In fact, I simply compare it to Baby Phat.  Hip clothes and put a cool logo on it.  I spoke with my sister, a REAL fashion designer, and we both agree, there's no real designing in these types of clothes.  BUT you can get them to stand out.

But that is not all that KStyle puts out!  They also have a men's line called IceMan Wear (a play off Icee's name of course), and a couture line KStyle Originals.  That is the evening gowns and formal wear that many celebrities die to wear, which they also have an inexpensive branch of that.  Last night I just wrote a scene with all the sisters at the Grammys, so you know they had on smoking hot dresses!

Now Kitty and Krystle are pregnant, so of course Krystle decided to come out with a maternity line.  They will premiere that line towards the end of the novel, not quite there yet.  And Krystle also whispered to me about a baby clothing line, so I think they pretty much have everything covered. (Although, she did mumble something about maternity footwear after having swollen feet from partying all night at the Grammys.)

The anti-climatic ending has a big fashion show for all the lines and introduces the maternity line. I haven't written it, yet so no details, but all the sisters take part in it somehow.

Ended with 85,022 words last night, so the end is near!!  And I have a good blog idea for tomorrow.  The hip hop slang deserves its own look into.  I even have to research the proper way my hip hop heads would talk.  Hey, this novel is more than a hand full!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nanowrimo day 22: Feel the beat

Since this is hip hop lit, it really is all about the music!  Okay, maybe not all about it, but if this were a movie, better believe the music would move the storyline.  I'm not even a hip hop head.  I like the old stuff, from the 80s and 90s, with a few of the newer songs by rappers that have been in the business ten years or plus.  New rappers, naaa, you can keep that!

So what the heck am I doing writing a novel set in the hip hop world?  Actually I think it works for my benefit.  I can make my music acts fresh and new and not confuse them with current artist (although I use a few to compare them with.)  There are several rappers and singers in this novel, most all signed on Icee's record label/management company Da Factory Hitz.

First there is AKA, the female member of Fact Iz.  She has released her solo album.  If I had to compare her with a female rapper, let me go with a MC Lite.  A little rough with it, nothing all sexy like Lil Kim or a Nicki Minaj.  She's more like a guy with her rap style.  She doesn't rap about girly things because well, she's not girly.

Then there is Tenille Kelly.  She is promoting her solo album.  She's all R & B.  She first sang the hook on one of Icee's song to get her name out there.  Then she released her first single, "Get Me Get Me."  She's more like a Ciara or Rhianna, very sexual when she performs (like on stripper poles and lap dances in her video).  On the other hand, since a lot of young girls are admiring her, she tries somewhere in the novel to tone down her sexuality.

Then there is Tone, or TonE, as he was required to change his name mid novel.  He's only 19 and dates Nola Kelly.  He's a rapper formerly of a group called Guns and Steel (I think that's it, I get confused).  They were hardcore rap guys, violent in the nature of their rap.  But ToneE was the one with the skills, and Icee took him in as his protege.  He raps relevant issues of his day to day life, so if I had to compare, I would go with a Drake.  Not gangsta rap, because well, they live in a city not much exposed to that.  His first single is titled "Mad at the World," which he wrote out of anger after the group split up.  It'll go on to be Da Factory Hitz biggest hit.  He's basically Icee's shadow, wanting to mimic everything Icee does, especially with his relationship with Nola.

Then there is my surprise.  Christopher Kelly, Jr or CJ (not sold on his name either, it keeps changing).  Yes, the Kelly sisters have a half-brother!  I'm still not sure of his relevance and in fact, I wrote his first few lines just yesterday as he delivered his demo to Big Sister Sarena.  He's the brother the girls never knew about until recently.  He wants a record deal, and first Sarena is hesitant, wanting nothing to do with the son her father left them for.  But once she hears his song,"My Heart Belongs to You," she jumps on getting him on the label.  He's more like a Trey Songz.

But how could I forget Hugo.  Hmmm, where to start.  He's the hot R & B singer that falls for Tenille.  He's on a different label, and meets Tenille through various promotional concerts they share. I'd compare him to a Ne-Yo.  She only wants friendship, confused about her sexuality (she thinks she's gay).  He sacrifices a lot to be with her . . . literally, his life.

Icee doesn't do any music in this novel, although he still performs from his last solo album as needed.  He films a movie during most of this novel, putting off recording his second until Kitty gives birth.

So there's the music.  I'll flesh it out with more music, lyrics to the song in the edits.  I'm hoping to name each title a song title, which is what I "tried" to do with the original. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nanowrimo day 21: Those three little words

So kill me, I like happy endings.  I am trying to make all six of my sisters have that, but . . . only four out of six will.  I don't like it one bit!  But I have to be true to where the story is going and this is how things look right now.

I'm 68,000 words in.  Can I make it to 100K by the end of nanowrimo?  Today will be do or die day.  Can I get in at least 7K?  I have already done 1K at the write-in today, so now I am at a race for time (and yet I have time to write this blog). 

There have been a couple of twists in my story.  Not one psycho, but TWO!  Hmmm.  And a long lost brother and I want his story line to be juicy.  I haven't really thought it through yet.  Maybe that will come in the editing process.  I thought I'd make him the psycho, or at least had a tie-in with him.  Still have no clue!!

I'm sure I will give him some romantic story line.  To say this novel is epic would not even do it justice.  Six distinct storylines, now I have to add another?  Or do I really?  He's not one of the six sexy sisters, just the brother they never knew.

And how many time are those three little words repeated in my novel?  About 100 times and in two languages.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nanowrimo day 20: Have Money to Spend

Icee is a millionaire, so it has been fun writing him with all this money to spend.  I can't even fathom.  I spent most of yesterday just to research Icee and Kitty's five cars plus limo and their own private jet.  Yeah, fun!

This is Icee's Maybach 62.  These cars range from $300,000 to $400,000.  And they are not even listed as the most expensive car.  They were number ten on the list I was looking at (he also has a red Ferrari Enzo that is ranked a lot higher).  Maybach's are loaded with things like a refrigerator, desktops built into the arm rests, TV screens, and look at those reclining seats.  Money, money, money, money!

This is also the car Diddy bought his son for his sixteenth birthday and caused a storm.  Yes, I agree that is a bit too much even for a grown man.  But if you have the money to spend....

Icee has been in the music industry over eight years at the point of this novel.  He has modeled for several labels.  He has made three movies, and signed on for two more during the span of this novel.  He has started his own recording studio and acts as a manager to talent he finds.  He started a construction company his father oversees in his hometown.  He along with Kitty, started the clothing line KStyle that has been in business about two years now.

Money is not a thing to them.  After he proposed to Kitty, she immediately started building their dream home.  Icee already had two mini-mansions, one in Los Angeles and one in their hometown.  Kitty never liked either.  The L.A. home was picked out by Icee's ex, Bonnie.  The Springfield home was nothing more than a pimped out bachelor's pad to her.

Kitty designs a mansion she calls "Ice Palace." Eight bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms, 5-car garage, an additional garage with the chauffeur's apartment over it, outside heated pool, tennis court, two kitchens, a maid's quarter that houses the live-in maid, a bowling alley, gym, entertainment area with wet bar, movie theater, a staff wing (which houses the live-in body guard and includes the security monitoring systems), master suite includes two bathrooms, and large walk-in his and her closets.  Okay, that sounded like a real-estate ad!

I had to look at many of them to figure out what this home would have.  All this house to care for and Kitty is busy trying to build her own empire and raise a newborn son, while Icee is off filming a movie.  The girl needs a little help!  I tried to write her as doing it all, but there's just no way.  I hired her a maid, a cook, housekeepers, and a chauffeur.   Everything but a nanny.  I want to see how long she can go before she gives in to that!  Her sister Ashley has hired a nanny for her one daughter while she travels doing her modeling work, and Sarena eventually breaks down and uses the same nanny for her two.

I guess Kellys can't do it all!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nanowrimo day 19: Killer Victor

Just for my nanowrimo writing partner, I have posted a pic of what one of my characters looks like.  Meet Victor St. James, or "Killer Victor."

He is 34 and currently married to Sarena Kelly, you know, "Two gun toting hot momma."  Victor moved next door to the Six Sexy Sisters when he was 16 and has taken care of them like a big brother.  He was a semi-pro boxer, martial artist, has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Law, became a police officer, and shortly after a detective.  He's supposed to resemble a combination of LL Cool J and Suge Knight, sexy but someone you cross the other side of the street when you see.

He's ruthless!

He is the one that trained all the Kellys in boxing, martial arts and weapons training.  His belief is, "You pull out a gun, you better use a gun!"

He was upset Sarena did not finish off TA when she had the chance, and because of that, they grow a little distant.  He quits the police force and joins Icee in building a security/body guard organization to protect all the Kellys (they later branch off to provide services for other celebrities).  He may be a "little" (meaning a LOT) over-protective of all the Kelly sisters.

But he's really a softie, especially when it comes to Sarena.   He's only ever loved her.  He loves her unconditionally...even though she is stepping out on him.  T-Zack better watch his back when Killer Vic is on the loose.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nanowrimo day 18: This is really a love story

Or is it?

No really, there is a lot of love going on!

To make it more realistic, I have been looking into "celebrity couples."  Umm, NOT!!  Those don't ever work out in the long term, do they?  I was thinking of that and of Kitty and Icee's relationship.  Unrealistic for a big-time rapper, multi-millionaire like Icee to stay in a committed relationship, even while married.  I think of Usher (one of my celeb hotties I molded Icee with) and I just shake my head. Well, I guess I am writing unreality.

I try to touch on all aspects of relationships, and with "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters", it's not that hard.

I believe in the happily ever after.  Got that!

Sad endings. Got that.

Cheating spouses.  Done!

Fresh, new innocent love. Oh yeah!

Am I gay?  Curious?  Women or men?  Oh, I don 't even know!

A lil freak, like Usher say, yep, all that.

I can say that the hottest relationship of all the sisters is still Icee and Kitty.  Something about how I made these two, if they were real, they would need to write the book on love.  They claim they are the yin and yang, can read each other's thoughts, both workaholics, have no fights and the sex is always HOT (why else would Kitty get pregnant six weeks after giving birth).

Then I might like Twin #2 Kryssy and her hot Italian billionaire.  Hey, Janet Jackson is dating a billionaire, all things possible!  I have a thing for men with sexy accents or when they speak in their language.  Gosh!  I don't have to understand a word they're saying, but it's just HOT!  Since I write all my characters with a bit of me in them, Kryssy is puddy in his hands every time he whispers, "Non posso viviere senza voi" to her.  Yeah man!

And there's something about Big Sister Sarena.  She has been with only one man all her life, Victor, and even though she starts an affair with T-Zack, every time her and Victor are together, EXPLOSIVE!  They are the older Kitty and Icee.  They feed off each other.  And of course, it doesn't hurt that Victor (as well as T-Zack) are turned on even more when she has a gun in her hands.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nanowrimo day 17: Hip Hop Lit

I get this question a lot, and in fact, I asked it myself after I described my novel and someone asked if it was hip hop lit.  Was that even a genre?  I googled it.  Yes!  It’s also known as “urban literature” or “street lit.”  Of those genre names, I prefer hip hop lit because my story is based in the hip hop culture.

At the center of things, there’s Icee, the rapper.  He owns Da Factory Hitz record company which has Tenille (singer) and Sarena (Artist Development) working there.  Hip hop is not only the music, it’s the fashion.  There would be no Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms or Dereon without this hip hop music inspired into the clothing. So at KStyle Fashions is where Krystle (head designer), Ashley (model) and Kitty (former Director/part owner) works.

There’s not as much music in this one as the original (though Tenille travels and performs a lot, and Nola dates an up and coming rapper).  And yes, there can be lots of music in a novel.  It’s the feel of it, the way it moves.  It’s like you hear the soundtrack in your head as you read.  I am trying to write this novel in a beat that goes with the flow of the story.  It’s done with the constant POV changes, having shorter, straight to the point chapters and lots if “hip hop dialogue” (which I need work to work on, with the help of an “urban language dictionary”).

So since I selected a specific genre for this, which I rarely do, I have gone back to my original title for it, “Six Sexy A$$ Sisters.”  I’ll just call is “SSAS” from here on out.  The reasoning is, hip hop lit/street lit is a little (okay, a lot) grimier than your average novel, so I can keep that edge to it.  In fact, it needs more!

If you’re not that familiar with hip hop lit, google it. Those titles and covers are HARD CORE!  Read them under caution.  Some are so horrific I can’t finish them.  The best I can compare mine to is “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah.  It has more sex and drugs than violence, and it’s pretty tame compared to most.  It’s also a bit more mainstream, which I hope mine would be.

I’m not trying to scare anyone off.  I generally don’t like this genre that much.  Trust me, my six sisters read like angels compared to some of the females in this genre of books.  Heck, only one gets to shoot a gun (well, so far that is).  They are from a middle class background, in a small city in the Midwest.  They didn’t grow up around violence, but they were taught to protect themselves.  Being six sisters that look smoking hot?  Jealous women and guys trying to get to them, they learned to be tough.

Just don’t let the genre fool you, there’s so much more to this story than the hip hop nature.  That’s just the setting, the culture.  The people are every day people with great stories (well, in my opinion).   I can’t think of any book or movie with these many main characters that are sisters.  I do think of it as a combination of “Soul Food” the movie/TV show and “Deliver Us From Eva” movie.  They both had a cast of hot sisters, so hey, six of them is possible as well.     

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nanowrimo day 16: Putting the pieces together

I reached 60,000 words last night!!

Just so you know, I am writing "Six Sexy Sisters" like I have classic ADHD syndrome.  My mind is all over the place.  No worries!  That's what editing is for.  I was writing a scene last night and thinking, this is out of order!  I needed more preface before it, and it is definitely in the wrong part of the novel.  I have been skipping around, starting new scenes were I think I need one.

Well, the scene I wrote last night, going in was just supposed to be filler, but it became anti-climatic.  It was in the wrong place.  How to fix it?  Cut and paste for later, I won't worry about it now.  But it will all be dissected apart and put together like a puzzle.

That's not new.  I've had to do that before, even when I write the story linear, I always moves a few scenes around.  I've been trying to write out the best, most drama-filled scenes first, and I guess this is what happened.  I wrote all of the beginning very linear, then some of the middle.  Then I got bored and was going slow, so I wanted to amp up my word count and jumped to the end (which the end could be a whole separate book).  I can't explain it.  Total chaos.

But it reads well.  It's a page turner for sure.  I have a tricky part I still need to work through and it's getting a bit clearer.  My sis sisters are heavily guarded with what is supposed to be the best of the best security.  There have been a few breaches with security throughout, but still, how does the psycho get to them so easily? 

Last night I wrote a scene where Sarena, "Two gun toting hot momma," lived up to that name.  A body guard would not her leave the room, she knocked him out with a one-two, and roundhouse kick, confiscated his gun and held it out on him.  Then she was in a shoot out with a car aimed right for her.  I felt like I was writing my first ever action movie!  I got a rush.  Now, I may have to go back in, flesh it out, make it so it reads lovely, but that was the best scene I have written in a LONG time! 

I want HER to catch the bad guy....but she probably won't.  Killer Vic ( her husband) or Icee possibly.  Hmmm, yes, I don't know my ending yet.  But I do know I want more of Sarena now...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nanowrimo day 15: Ladies Love Icee

What can I say about the man known as Icee?  Lots!!

Icee, who’s real name is Isaac Curtis, started out as “I.C.”  When his rap group Fact Iz first gets signed, he went out and bought a lot of ice, diamonds that is.  His brother joked he should be called “Icee” for all the ice he had, so he went out and bought a diamond encrusted, platinum chain with his new name. (And how do I know all this, back-back story? I actually started a prequel to the prequel that is a group of short stories about the rap group and how they started out.)

Fact Iz is comprised of six members.  Freezy is the DJ/producer, comes up with the beats, though he raps a bit.  AKA, is the female rapper with top skills.  Cra-C, or Craig Curtis, is Icee’s brother (but more on that later) who initially started rapping just with his brother.  TA is that crazy, young rapper that begged his way into the group.  T-Zack was the older, slightly laid back rapper in the group.

Icee found out he had a brother his age after his mother passed away and his father moved closer to be with his son Craig when he was five.  The boys were only months apart (Poppa was a rolling stone).  Icee and Craig were very close, best friends as well as brothers and they did everything together.  When Craig was sixteen, he found out his father was not his biological father.  He became distant from his father and Icee and started hanging with the wrong crowd, getting into drugs and all kinds of trouble.

Icee tried to follow his brother in whatever he did (he didn’t let a blood test change how he felt about his brother).  Craig wanted to become a rapper just to get more girls, so Icee was down.  They started to perform any place they could, gradually picking up the other members.  T-Zack, the only one that attended college, was the one that got them through the door of a record exec and the rest is history.

Icee is a combination of a few performers I like.  His rap skills are like Nelly (it is set in the Midwest), his singing is like Usher, and he models and acts like Tyrese.  From the jump, Icee stands out from the rest.  He and Craig have model good looks, but Icee also has the charisma to catch everyone’s attention, immediately getting signed to model and offered a movie part.  Craig’s skills are more on the rap side, and he immediately gets offered to do a solo rap album. 

Fact Iz success skyrockets in a short time.  They are very sought after.  Icee catches the eye of Bonnie Walker, ten years older than him, but still a fox.  Icee remembers hanging her posters around his room, as many men idolized this triple threat, singer/actor/model.  They begin dating exclusively, though Icee still tends to his legions of groupies (which is what my group of short stories is based on.)

After they recorded their second album, Craig was found dead of a drug overdose in a hotel.  Icee was devastated.  He did not want to be in the business for awhile.  Bonnie, his father and the rest of the Facts convinced him that Craig would want him to go on.   Icee started a record company, Da Factory Hitz, so that he could release his brother’s pre-recorded songs for what was to be his solo album.  He also starts a non-profit organization to help young boys.  The third company he started was a construction company, DadCo, for his father.  These three businesses became part of The Factory Group (and later KStyle Fashions joins).   

Icee continues to live his life wild and out of control with as many women as he pleases.  Then he meets Kitty and everything changes.  She demands that he gives up the groupies if they are to be together.  She is celibate, he agrees to that (well, not for long…and then they are again…and then they slip up…yes, there’s a whole story there).  They have a world wind romance, traveling all over the world together.

Kitty is the one that convinces him to sing for his first solo album after she had heard his voice.  He was against it, till he wrote a sexy ballad for her and they record it together.  His producer likes the track as is, but Kitty does not want her voice on the song.  She asks her new best friend, singer Ginger to sing it with Icee.  It goes on to win a Grammy.

I could go on and on about Icee.  I made a perfect guy in a perfect love story (till the end when he is a jerk).  Some people may say he is too perfect, unrealistic, has all this talent, money and good looks.  Well, it’s FICTION people.  Let me have my fantasy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nanowrimo day 14: BonBons and Kitty Kats

"BonBons and Kitty Kats" is the title of the song that put the psycho that is on the loose over the edge.  If you heard this song (which I had to partially write it to get in his head) you would see that's when he lost all his marbles.  So this blog I will basically tell you about how and why this psycho is after my "Six Sexy Sisters."

TA, who's real name is Tucker Anderson, is the youngest member of the rap group Fact Iz.  He actually was not supposed to be a part of the crew, but he followed his big sister AKA.  She had the skills the group wanted, TA wanted in, so he was let in because Icee's brother Craig (Cra-C) was cousins with them. (Which in a whole other blog, I'd have to explain Icee and Craig's relationship.)

So TA was only 16 when the group dropped their first album.  Now at age 21 (how old he was at the start of the original novel) his skills had gotten a lot better and he was a bonafide member of the group.  When Icee meets Kitty, TA jokes around with her and Kitty flirts with him, just to catch him off guard.  Unknowing to her, she set off feelings in TA.

Every time TA is around Kitty, they joke around like best buddies, or as Kitty sees it, "like he's my little brother."  When Icee signs Tenille, TA is smitten with her, so he starts to date her (well, in his mind because Tenille had no feelings for him, just using him.)  Days before Kitty and Icee are to get married, TA attempts to have sex with Kitty.  He gets but so far before Kitty gets the upper hand and beats him down.

T-Zack, Icee's best friend, comes in on the beat down and questions what went down.  Neither says anything.  Kitty fears Icee would kill TA if he knew so she tells him it was nothing, but she does confront TA the next day.  He said he had been drinking and smoking (marijuana) and he didn't mean to do what he did, but Kitty calls it attempted rape.  He tells her he is in love with her.  Kitty tells him it could never be and to leave it alone.

Fast forward to several months later.  TA had been still hanging out with Tenille off and on, but it was more like friends because she did not like him that way.  With Bonnie (Icee's previous girl fried who needs her own blog) claiming she is carrying Icee's baby and Kitty pregnant, TA records the song "BonBons and Kitty Kats."  T-Zack gets his hand on the song and lets his best friend hear it.

Now Icee should not believe a thing he heard about how TA did all kinds of sexual things with Kitty.  (He doesn't think twice about what he says about Bonnie.)  In the song, TA even says that both babies are his (and one of them is.) Icee and Kitty's relationship had been strong throughout the book, and even for a hotshot superstar like Icee, he never went astray on her. Even with the allegations Kitty believed in her man.  So why did Icee believe TA side of thins?

Well...Kitty promised Icee that she'd get a certain tattoo in a certain spot just for him, and she did, weeks before they married.  No one, not even her sisters (because Sarena would have kicked her butt) knew about the "kitty kitty" tattoo on her private part.  Except TA knew and he rapped about it.  So Icee goes ballistic explaining to T-Zack that "He saw the tat!  How did that MF see the tat?"

So after he sees Kitty's car at TA's house (The Kellys are giving him a beat down) he goes off and gets totally drunk before he confronts Kitty.  When she finally reveals that he attempted to rape her, Icee wants to finish off TA, but of course he is long gone.

Now, in "Six Sexy Sisters," I can't give away much, but yes, he is alive, and yes, he is after the sisters.  Any one of them, he doesn't care.  He really wants Kitty though, because he blames her for his downfall and that he is on the run.  Tenille is most afraid of him, after the brutal attack he gave her.  She thinks he will come after her again.  All sisters are heavily guarded by the best of the best.  So how does he get to them?

Wait till the book comes out!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nanowrimo day 13: Two Gun Toting Hot Momma Sarena Kelly

My favorite sister of them all, you know, if I had to pick one.

Sarena Kelly-St. James, "Big Sister," "Da Boss," "Head Chick in Charge," is thirty two years old.  As the oldest of the Kelly sisters, a lot was put on her.  Their father left them when she was twelve years old, so she took half the responsibility of raising her little sisters (Nola was only a few months old) to help her mother.  She treated them as if they were her children and became very protective of them.

When she was fourteen, a sixteen year old boy named Victor St. James moves next door to them.  All the Kelly sisters are mesmerized by him, but it is Sarena that he courts.  Victor then becomes like a father/big brother to the rest of Kellys.  He adores them, they adore him (a key element in this story, by the way).  When Sarena is eighteen, right out of high school, she marries Victor.

She is happy with her stay-at-home mom status, watching her two little girls grow up, while Victor works his way up in the police department.  He's one of the baddest, most notorious police detectives on the force.  His presence sends criminals running (he's equivalent to a Suge Knight).  He has taught all the Kellys how to take care of themselves, be it with a gun, a knife, or hand-to-hand combat.  Sarena is the best student of his teachings.  No one messes with her sisters and gets away with it.

Well someone did, and now he's out for revenge....

Suddenly, Sarena is not so happy with her home life.  All her sisters are busy in glamorous jobs and traveling the world.  Even Victor has quit the police force to work exclusively designing a security/body guard organization that will protect the Kellys.  He's as busy as ever and doesn't  have time for her.  So when an offer for a position at Icee's Da Factory Hitz record company is offered to her, she can't resist.

It helps that her boss is the young cutie, T-Zack, Icee's best friend and business partner.  T-Zack has had eyes for her for awhile.  Problem is, she's married, he's married.  But that won't be a problem too long.  After a few flirts, Sarena gives in to her desires to be wanted by another man other than the only man she has ever loved.  Now she is in an affair that can destroy her marriage and her sisters respect for her, maybe even put them in danger.

But she would do anything, ANYTHING, to protect her sisters, by whatever means necessary. 

Come on Sarena, gets those guns blazing!  POW!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nanowrimo day 12: "Don't F*** With Me" Ashley Kelly

Now we get to the fun sister!

Ashley Kelly is twenty nine years old.  Though she did not get much space in the original story, in “Six Sexy Sisters” she has one of the deepest storylines.  She packs her gun and she’s not afraid to use it.  She’s been in a few…situations in her life where her gun has gotten her out. 

“Life’s a b***, and b****s always want to f*** with me.  Don’t f*** with me!”

Okay, she’s a little spicy!

She is a beautician by trade, even had her own hair salon, but she gave that up to take over as spokes model for KStyle Fashions, along with her eight year old daughter Atiya for the children’s line (Once again, I think Kimora Lee and her daughters in Baby Phat ads).

She does some traveling, but mainly likes to stay close to home with her daughter.  She has been told she is the “prettiest” of the sisters, but she doesn’t take it to her head….much.  Tall and skinny, she fits perfect in the modeling world and has even scored a major modeling contract.   She is a true wild child, the one that got into the most trouble growing up.

When you are living the life, it’s always nice to keep a hot man around.  Ashley has two great men that have fallen in love with her.  Dallas is her daughter’s father.  They have been in and out of their relationship from day one.  He’s eight years older than her, a professional, works at a bank and makes lots of money.  He loves Ashley, even though she has that one sexual problem, you know, she has never had the big “O,” no matter how hard Dallas tries.

Then there is Malik.  Malik is yummy!  Malik is sexy!  Malik is the high paid sports agent that lives in Chicago.  He doesn’t know about the big “O” issue (she just fakes it with him), and he is utterly in love with her.  He has proposed to her 37 times (yes, she’s counting).  He loves Atiya as if she’s his child and wants them to be a family, or at least have their own.

No, she’s not a ho.  No she’s not leading these men on.  They know about each other.  She’s been upfront with them. 

“You don’t have to stay,” she tells them, but neither wants to walk away.  Might as well enjoy them both. 

“Don’t hate my skills,” she tells her sisters.

She doesn’t think she needs to choose…you only live once.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nanowrimo day 11: Twin #1 Kitty Kelly

I would say she’s my favorite sister, but I can’t because, she’s just the one I started with in the original.  But I do love Kitty (formerly Kitrina) and she has the richest story yet.

First, she met Icee at a night club on her 24th birthday.  They hit it off, but he had a long-time girlfriend, the superstar named Bonnie.  So they just talked over the phone for awhile, trying to resist each other.  Then Icee can’t take it anymore, breaks up with Bonnie, and told Kitty he wants to be with her.  Things are fine, if not bumpy to start.  He traveled a lot and she did not get to see him often.  She met him in a few different cities sometimes.

Kitty ran her own personal training business from her house (hmm, wonder why she’s a personal trainer).  She’s very business minded.  So while she, Kryssy and Fayme pitch their super mall idea to Icee, he makes plans to bring Kitty into his business empire.  He offers her a job she can’t refuse, starting a clothing line with her twin.

To kick things off, Kitty wears a KStyle Original dress to the Grammys she attends with Icee.  Several things happen here.  She meets Bonnie for the first time.  She meets Ginger, a relatively new singer she befriends.  She meets her idol singer (I forget her name, but think Janet Jackson), who later requests a KStyle original dress.  And Icee blings her out with a tailor-made “Kitty” earrings and shouts her out in his acceptance speech. 

So she’s Kitty at that point as she begins her new job at KStyle Fashions.  She and her twin travel the world promoting the business.  A year later, on her birthday, Icee proposes.  He offers her his business empire (record company, fashion line, construction company and non-profit org) to take over.  She refuses and tells him to invest in her super mall idea.

But there are problems everywhere they turn.  Crazed fans attack Kitty.  Bonnie, still in love with Icee, tries to choke her.  And TA, member of Icee’s rap group, tries to rape her.  All this weeks before they marry.  While on their honeymoon, Kitty reveals she is pregnant.  Life doesn’t get any better though, because as soon as they come back to town, news is everywhere that Bonnie is pregnant by Icee.

It gets crazy the one night Kitty gets the phone call from Tenille.  The Kelly sisters round up and head to TA’s house, beat him within an inch of his life and leave him for dead.  But he’s not, and you know he wants revenge.  Icee heard a song TA made about things he did to Kitty and goes on a rage, not believing Kitty’s side, that he tried to rape her.  She’s upset he did not stand by her, so she leaves him.

She goes into labor early and Icee is there when she has the baby, and it ends all nice and sweet.

This is where “Six Sexy Sisters” kicks in.  Icee and Kitty are enjoying their life and their newborn son Isaac Curtis, Jr, dubbed IceeJay.  Icee has a new movie he is filming; Kitty is busy building her mall.  She doesn’t even have time to catch up with her sisters.  She does have time to get pregnant again about six weeks after she has her son. “Have you seen my husband? He’s so damn sexy!” Kitty explained to her doctor.

Her and her sisters are heavily guarded wherever they go for fear that TA will try and harm them.  And try he will…

I just finished 50,000 words and the novel is going strong.  Basically TA kidnaps Kitty and Kryssy, both very pregnant, and holds them for days before one gets a chance to escape.  It gets wild from there, police swarm in, blah, blah, blah…both the twins are in trouble with their babies.  It will get very scary for the Kellys.  This is not even the half of it.