Monday, November 1, 2010

My first NaNoWriMo experience

I have written several novels, but by far, this is the most exciting thing I have been a part of!  It’s the whole community feel of it.  Writing together, even with people I don’t know and will never meet.  Bragging about word counts, yeah, that’s cool!

On Thursday I hope to meet some St. Louis NaNoWriMos in my area.  We’re meeting at the library and plugging in those laptops and just going for it!  Hopefully I can come up with some good stuff.

All yesterday I was on twitter tweeting down the hours.  It was cool.  I was high-fiving (retweeting) others to keep everyone motivated.  I was a little envious of all the early starts, you know, all those time zones before me.

But finally midnight arrived.  Low and behold, I hadn’t really tested my laptop much in the past week.  I barely new how to start.  So that blew 10 minutes just figuring it out.  Then I started….kind of slow.  I was watching TV and trying to write at the same time (total distraction).  I’ve stayed up to 2 or 3 in the morning some days, and thought this would be the case for my first few hours of Nanowrimo.

Not the case.  I called it a wrap at 567 words.  That’s it!!!  I know some may say, great start, but I….the writer who has written an 80,000 word novel over a 4 day weekend, thought it was a terrible start.  Luckily, this story will have so many twists and folds, I will kill 50,000 words in no time…but not when I am drained of energy in the wee hours of the morning.

And just a teaser of the WIP.  It’s (tentatively) titled “Three Sides to Every Story” (I know, big change from the “Hookin’ An Angel” idea, but that one is on hold once again.)  It’s about three best friends with a secret.  Well, they all tell their sides of the story…and only one is right (well, actually they all tell a bunch of lies, I have yet to decide who or if they will tell the truth).  So it really should be FOUR sides to every story, they each lie about their side, then the truth…..but THREE sounds better, and I want to at least give the illusion that one is telling the truth.

Yes, it’s going to be very confusing.  Right now, they all will lie about what happened 18 years ago.  As I write more, maybe I will have one confess the truth.  Either way, the truth will come out.  Right now, I am having fun just writing their side of things.  I didn’t know which lead to start with first, but one’s in St. Louis, one in Chicago, and the other in Atlanta, so I picked the closest to me and started form there.  I may actually switch it around depending. 

It will read like three separate stories with some overlaps, meaning you may read a whole scene twice or three times, just from a different person’s point of view.  I did something similar with two main characters in a Young Adult book I wrote.  It was called “In His Words/In Her Words” (And there was supposed to be a sequel called “In Other Words”)

This one is going to be LONG and complicated!  But I am going to just write, no editing.  Let’s see how this works out.  Nanowrimo here we go!!

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