Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nanowrimo day 10: Twin #2 Krystle Kelly

Back story on Kryssy here.  She was there beside Kitty when she met Icee, which was a big deal. It was their birthday.  But other than that, the two are not like twins at all…in the first story that is.  They look alike, though it’s hard to see when Kryssy is 30 pounds heavier, wears her hair relaxed straight (Kitty wears a fro), and Kryssy has two deep set dimples Kitty only has one.
(And for anyone that knows me personally, I have one dimple, my almost twin sister has two. Hmmmm)  But this is not us!  I swear.   Kryssy is actually a combination of my sisters.  At the time I started writing this, her character kept changing.  At one point she was just a friend, then a sister, then the twin and they were the only two, and then all the rest of the sisters came.  And at one point, Kryssy was not the fashion designer, it was a different sister, then a friend, then to Kryssy.  I know, crazy.

Well, I do have a sister who is a fashion designer. 

Krystle Kelly is twenty five years old.  Her story really picked up when she heads to Chicago with Kitty to hang out with Icee.  Their best friend, Fayme lives there and she also hangs out with them.  The three start to “Remember when…” and tell about how when they were in high school, they fantasized about opening up their own mall because they were shopaholics.  Krystle would make all the clothes, Kitty would run the business with Fayme.

Unknowing to Kryssy and Kitty, KStyle Fashions (think Baby Phat or Beyonce's Dereon) was born and Icee hired the twins to start a clothing line for him.  Kryssy does the designs, but Kitty took over most of the grunt work.  Kryssy actually did not have that many lines in the original story.  It was all about Kitty.

Her philosophy has changed.  She’s ready to be the “K” in KStyle Fashions. (She actually created the name as an ode to her name, take out the r, and switch the letters— though I have used KStyle for myself for over a decade.)  She basically reinvents herself and comes out looking like Kitty’s identical.  She goes natural, loses 30 pounds and starts to do more of KStyle promotions.

She takes a vacation to Italy and meets Primo Donatelli.  He doesn’t her tell he’s worth billions, she finds out on her own.  Not wanting to get too attached to him, she leaves.  Only he doesn’t want it to end and follows her to America.

Can this relationship work?  Only time will tell as Kryssy, along with her twin, paint the world with their faces as Kryssy rolls out a new clothing line…a maternity line, hmmmm.   

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