Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nanowrimo day 11: Twin #1 Kitty Kelly

I would say she’s my favorite sister, but I can’t because, she’s just the one I started with in the original.  But I do love Kitty (formerly Kitrina) and she has the richest story yet.

First, she met Icee at a night club on her 24th birthday.  They hit it off, but he had a long-time girlfriend, the superstar named Bonnie.  So they just talked over the phone for awhile, trying to resist each other.  Then Icee can’t take it anymore, breaks up with Bonnie, and told Kitty he wants to be with her.  Things are fine, if not bumpy to start.  He traveled a lot and she did not get to see him often.  She met him in a few different cities sometimes.

Kitty ran her own personal training business from her house (hmm, wonder why she’s a personal trainer).  She’s very business minded.  So while she, Kryssy and Fayme pitch their super mall idea to Icee, he makes plans to bring Kitty into his business empire.  He offers her a job she can’t refuse, starting a clothing line with her twin.

To kick things off, Kitty wears a KStyle Original dress to the Grammys she attends with Icee.  Several things happen here.  She meets Bonnie for the first time.  She meets Ginger, a relatively new singer she befriends.  She meets her idol singer (I forget her name, but think Janet Jackson), who later requests a KStyle original dress.  And Icee blings her out with a tailor-made “Kitty” earrings and shouts her out in his acceptance speech. 

So she’s Kitty at that point as she begins her new job at KStyle Fashions.  She and her twin travel the world promoting the business.  A year later, on her birthday, Icee proposes.  He offers her his business empire (record company, fashion line, construction company and non-profit org) to take over.  She refuses and tells him to invest in her super mall idea.

But there are problems everywhere they turn.  Crazed fans attack Kitty.  Bonnie, still in love with Icee, tries to choke her.  And TA, member of Icee’s rap group, tries to rape her.  All this weeks before they marry.  While on their honeymoon, Kitty reveals she is pregnant.  Life doesn’t get any better though, because as soon as they come back to town, news is everywhere that Bonnie is pregnant by Icee.

It gets crazy the one night Kitty gets the phone call from Tenille.  The Kelly sisters round up and head to TA’s house, beat him within an inch of his life and leave him for dead.  But he’s not, and you know he wants revenge.  Icee heard a song TA made about things he did to Kitty and goes on a rage, not believing Kitty’s side, that he tried to rape her.  She’s upset he did not stand by her, so she leaves him.

She goes into labor early and Icee is there when she has the baby, and it ends all nice and sweet.

This is where “Six Sexy Sisters” kicks in.  Icee and Kitty are enjoying their life and their newborn son Isaac Curtis, Jr, dubbed IceeJay.  Icee has a new movie he is filming; Kitty is busy building her mall.  She doesn’t even have time to catch up with her sisters.  She does have time to get pregnant again about six weeks after she has her son. “Have you seen my husband? He’s so damn sexy!” Kitty explained to her doctor.

Her and her sisters are heavily guarded wherever they go for fear that TA will try and harm them.  And try he will…

I just finished 50,000 words and the novel is going strong.  Basically TA kidnaps Kitty and Kryssy, both very pregnant, and holds them for days before one gets a chance to escape.  It gets wild from there, police swarm in, blah, blah, blah…both the twins are in trouble with their babies.  It will get very scary for the Kellys.  This is not even the half of it. 

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