Friday, November 12, 2010

Nanowrimo day 12: "Don't F*** With Me" Ashley Kelly

Now we get to the fun sister!

Ashley Kelly is twenty nine years old.  Though she did not get much space in the original story, in “Six Sexy Sisters” she has one of the deepest storylines.  She packs her gun and she’s not afraid to use it.  She’s been in a few…situations in her life where her gun has gotten her out. 

“Life’s a b***, and b****s always want to f*** with me.  Don’t f*** with me!”

Okay, she’s a little spicy!

She is a beautician by trade, even had her own hair salon, but she gave that up to take over as spokes model for KStyle Fashions, along with her eight year old daughter Atiya for the children’s line (Once again, I think Kimora Lee and her daughters in Baby Phat ads).

She does some traveling, but mainly likes to stay close to home with her daughter.  She has been told she is the “prettiest” of the sisters, but she doesn’t take it to her head….much.  Tall and skinny, she fits perfect in the modeling world and has even scored a major modeling contract.   She is a true wild child, the one that got into the most trouble growing up.

When you are living the life, it’s always nice to keep a hot man around.  Ashley has two great men that have fallen in love with her.  Dallas is her daughter’s father.  They have been in and out of their relationship from day one.  He’s eight years older than her, a professional, works at a bank and makes lots of money.  He loves Ashley, even though she has that one sexual problem, you know, she has never had the big “O,” no matter how hard Dallas tries.

Then there is Malik.  Malik is yummy!  Malik is sexy!  Malik is the high paid sports agent that lives in Chicago.  He doesn’t know about the big “O” issue (she just fakes it with him), and he is utterly in love with her.  He has proposed to her 37 times (yes, she’s counting).  He loves Atiya as if she’s his child and wants them to be a family, or at least have their own.

No, she’s not a ho.  No she’s not leading these men on.  They know about each other.  She’s been upfront with them. 

“You don’t have to stay,” she tells them, but neither wants to walk away.  Might as well enjoy them both. 

“Don’t hate my skills,” she tells her sisters.

She doesn’t think she needs to choose…you only live once.

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