Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nanowrimo day 13: Two Gun Toting Hot Momma Sarena Kelly

My favorite sister of them all, you know, if I had to pick one.

Sarena Kelly-St. James, "Big Sister," "Da Boss," "Head Chick in Charge," is thirty two years old.  As the oldest of the Kelly sisters, a lot was put on her.  Their father left them when she was twelve years old, so she took half the responsibility of raising her little sisters (Nola was only a few months old) to help her mother.  She treated them as if they were her children and became very protective of them.

When she was fourteen, a sixteen year old boy named Victor St. James moves next door to them.  All the Kelly sisters are mesmerized by him, but it is Sarena that he courts.  Victor then becomes like a father/big brother to the rest of Kellys.  He adores them, they adore him (a key element in this story, by the way).  When Sarena is eighteen, right out of high school, she marries Victor.

She is happy with her stay-at-home mom status, watching her two little girls grow up, while Victor works his way up in the police department.  He's one of the baddest, most notorious police detectives on the force.  His presence sends criminals running (he's equivalent to a Suge Knight).  He has taught all the Kellys how to take care of themselves, be it with a gun, a knife, or hand-to-hand combat.  Sarena is the best student of his teachings.  No one messes with her sisters and gets away with it.

Well someone did, and now he's out for revenge....

Suddenly, Sarena is not so happy with her home life.  All her sisters are busy in glamorous jobs and traveling the world.  Even Victor has quit the police force to work exclusively designing a security/body guard organization that will protect the Kellys.  He's as busy as ever and doesn't  have time for her.  So when an offer for a position at Icee's Da Factory Hitz record company is offered to her, she can't resist.

It helps that her boss is the young cutie, T-Zack, Icee's best friend and business partner.  T-Zack has had eyes for her for awhile.  Problem is, she's married, he's married.  But that won't be a problem too long.  After a few flirts, Sarena gives in to her desires to be wanted by another man other than the only man she has ever loved.  Now she is in an affair that can destroy her marriage and her sisters respect for her, maybe even put them in danger.

But she would do anything, ANYTHING, to protect her sisters, by whatever means necessary. 

Come on Sarena, gets those guns blazing!  POW!

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