Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nanowrimo day 14: BonBons and Kitty Kats

"BonBons and Kitty Kats" is the title of the song that put the psycho that is on the loose over the edge.  If you heard this song (which I had to partially write it to get in his head) you would see that's when he lost all his marbles.  So this blog I will basically tell you about how and why this psycho is after my "Six Sexy Sisters."

TA, who's real name is Tucker Anderson, is the youngest member of the rap group Fact Iz.  He actually was not supposed to be a part of the crew, but he followed his big sister AKA.  She had the skills the group wanted, TA wanted in, so he was let in because Icee's brother Craig (Cra-C) was cousins with them. (Which in a whole other blog, I'd have to explain Icee and Craig's relationship.)

So TA was only 16 when the group dropped their first album.  Now at age 21 (how old he was at the start of the original novel) his skills had gotten a lot better and he was a bonafide member of the group.  When Icee meets Kitty, TA jokes around with her and Kitty flirts with him, just to catch him off guard.  Unknowing to her, she set off feelings in TA.

Every time TA is around Kitty, they joke around like best buddies, or as Kitty sees it, "like he's my little brother."  When Icee signs Tenille, TA is smitten with her, so he starts to date her (well, in his mind because Tenille had no feelings for him, just using him.)  Days before Kitty and Icee are to get married, TA attempts to have sex with Kitty.  He gets but so far before Kitty gets the upper hand and beats him down.

T-Zack, Icee's best friend, comes in on the beat down and questions what went down.  Neither says anything.  Kitty fears Icee would kill TA if he knew so she tells him it was nothing, but she does confront TA the next day.  He said he had been drinking and smoking (marijuana) and he didn't mean to do what he did, but Kitty calls it attempted rape.  He tells her he is in love with her.  Kitty tells him it could never be and to leave it alone.

Fast forward to several months later.  TA had been still hanging out with Tenille off and on, but it was more like friends because she did not like him that way.  With Bonnie (Icee's previous girl fried who needs her own blog) claiming she is carrying Icee's baby and Kitty pregnant, TA records the song "BonBons and Kitty Kats."  T-Zack gets his hand on the song and lets his best friend hear it.

Now Icee should not believe a thing he heard about how TA did all kinds of sexual things with Kitty.  (He doesn't think twice about what he says about Bonnie.)  In the song, TA even says that both babies are his (and one of them is.) Icee and Kitty's relationship had been strong throughout the book, and even for a hotshot superstar like Icee, he never went astray on her. Even with the allegations Kitty believed in her man.  So why did Icee believe TA side of thins?

Well...Kitty promised Icee that she'd get a certain tattoo in a certain spot just for him, and she did, weeks before they married.  No one, not even her sisters (because Sarena would have kicked her butt) knew about the "kitty kitty" tattoo on her private part.  Except TA knew and he rapped about it.  So Icee goes ballistic explaining to T-Zack that "He saw the tat!  How did that MF see the tat?"

So after he sees Kitty's car at TA's house (The Kellys are giving him a beat down) he goes off and gets totally drunk before he confronts Kitty.  When she finally reveals that he attempted to rape her, Icee wants to finish off TA, but of course he is long gone.

Now, in "Six Sexy Sisters," I can't give away much, but yes, he is alive, and yes, he is after the sisters.  Any one of them, he doesn't care.  He really wants Kitty though, because he blames her for his downfall and that he is on the run.  Tenille is most afraid of him, after the brutal attack he gave her.  She thinks he will come after her again.  All sisters are heavily guarded by the best of the best.  So how does he get to them?

Wait till the book comes out!!

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