Monday, November 15, 2010

Nanowrimo day 15: Ladies Love Icee

What can I say about the man known as Icee?  Lots!!

Icee, who’s real name is Isaac Curtis, started out as “I.C.”  When his rap group Fact Iz first gets signed, he went out and bought a lot of ice, diamonds that is.  His brother joked he should be called “Icee” for all the ice he had, so he went out and bought a diamond encrusted, platinum chain with his new name. (And how do I know all this, back-back story? I actually started a prequel to the prequel that is a group of short stories about the rap group and how they started out.)

Fact Iz is comprised of six members.  Freezy is the DJ/producer, comes up with the beats, though he raps a bit.  AKA, is the female rapper with top skills.  Cra-C, or Craig Curtis, is Icee’s brother (but more on that later) who initially started rapping just with his brother.  TA is that crazy, young rapper that begged his way into the group.  T-Zack was the older, slightly laid back rapper in the group.

Icee found out he had a brother his age after his mother passed away and his father moved closer to be with his son Craig when he was five.  The boys were only months apart (Poppa was a rolling stone).  Icee and Craig were very close, best friends as well as brothers and they did everything together.  When Craig was sixteen, he found out his father was not his biological father.  He became distant from his father and Icee and started hanging with the wrong crowd, getting into drugs and all kinds of trouble.

Icee tried to follow his brother in whatever he did (he didn’t let a blood test change how he felt about his brother).  Craig wanted to become a rapper just to get more girls, so Icee was down.  They started to perform any place they could, gradually picking up the other members.  T-Zack, the only one that attended college, was the one that got them through the door of a record exec and the rest is history.

Icee is a combination of a few performers I like.  His rap skills are like Nelly (it is set in the Midwest), his singing is like Usher, and he models and acts like Tyrese.  From the jump, Icee stands out from the rest.  He and Craig have model good looks, but Icee also has the charisma to catch everyone’s attention, immediately getting signed to model and offered a movie part.  Craig’s skills are more on the rap side, and he immediately gets offered to do a solo rap album. 

Fact Iz success skyrockets in a short time.  They are very sought after.  Icee catches the eye of Bonnie Walker, ten years older than him, but still a fox.  Icee remembers hanging her posters around his room, as many men idolized this triple threat, singer/actor/model.  They begin dating exclusively, though Icee still tends to his legions of groupies (which is what my group of short stories is based on.)

After they recorded their second album, Craig was found dead of a drug overdose in a hotel.  Icee was devastated.  He did not want to be in the business for awhile.  Bonnie, his father and the rest of the Facts convinced him that Craig would want him to go on.   Icee started a record company, Da Factory Hitz, so that he could release his brother’s pre-recorded songs for what was to be his solo album.  He also starts a non-profit organization to help young boys.  The third company he started was a construction company, DadCo, for his father.  These three businesses became part of The Factory Group (and later KStyle Fashions joins).   

Icee continues to live his life wild and out of control with as many women as he pleases.  Then he meets Kitty and everything changes.  She demands that he gives up the groupies if they are to be together.  She is celibate, he agrees to that (well, not for long…and then they are again…and then they slip up…yes, there’s a whole story there).  They have a world wind romance, traveling all over the world together.

Kitty is the one that convinces him to sing for his first solo album after she had heard his voice.  He was against it, till he wrote a sexy ballad for her and they record it together.  His producer likes the track as is, but Kitty does not want her voice on the song.  She asks her new best friend, singer Ginger to sing it with Icee.  It goes on to win a Grammy.

I could go on and on about Icee.  I made a perfect guy in a perfect love story (till the end when he is a jerk).  Some people may say he is too perfect, unrealistic, has all this talent, money and good looks.  Well, it’s FICTION people.  Let me have my fantasy.

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