Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nanowrimo day 16: Putting the pieces together

I reached 60,000 words last night!!

Just so you know, I am writing "Six Sexy Sisters" like I have classic ADHD syndrome.  My mind is all over the place.  No worries!  That's what editing is for.  I was writing a scene last night and thinking, this is out of order!  I needed more preface before it, and it is definitely in the wrong part of the novel.  I have been skipping around, starting new scenes were I think I need one.

Well, the scene I wrote last night, going in was just supposed to be filler, but it became anti-climatic.  It was in the wrong place.  How to fix it?  Cut and paste for later, I won't worry about it now.  But it will all be dissected apart and put together like a puzzle.

That's not new.  I've had to do that before, even when I write the story linear, I always moves a few scenes around.  I've been trying to write out the best, most drama-filled scenes first, and I guess this is what happened.  I wrote all of the beginning very linear, then some of the middle.  Then I got bored and was going slow, so I wanted to amp up my word count and jumped to the end (which the end could be a whole separate book).  I can't explain it.  Total chaos.

But it reads well.  It's a page turner for sure.  I have a tricky part I still need to work through and it's getting a bit clearer.  My sis sisters are heavily guarded with what is supposed to be the best of the best security.  There have been a few breaches with security throughout, but still, how does the psycho get to them so easily? 

Last night I wrote a scene where Sarena, "Two gun toting hot momma," lived up to that name.  A body guard would not her leave the room, she knocked him out with a one-two, and roundhouse kick, confiscated his gun and held it out on him.  Then she was in a shoot out with a car aimed right for her.  I felt like I was writing my first ever action movie!  I got a rush.  Now, I may have to go back in, flesh it out, make it so it reads lovely, but that was the best scene I have written in a LONG time! 

I want HER to catch the bad guy....but she probably won't.  Killer Vic ( her husband) or Icee possibly.  Hmmm, yes, I don't know my ending yet.  But I do know I want more of Sarena now...

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