Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nanowrimo day 18: This is really a love story

Or is it?

No really, there is a lot of love going on!

To make it more realistic, I have been looking into "celebrity couples."  Umm, NOT!!  Those don't ever work out in the long term, do they?  I was thinking of that and of Kitty and Icee's relationship.  Unrealistic for a big-time rapper, multi-millionaire like Icee to stay in a committed relationship, even while married.  I think of Usher (one of my celeb hotties I molded Icee with) and I just shake my head. Well, I guess I am writing unreality.

I try to touch on all aspects of relationships, and with "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters", it's not that hard.

I believe in the happily ever after.  Got that!

Sad endings. Got that.

Cheating spouses.  Done!

Fresh, new innocent love. Oh yeah!

Am I gay?  Curious?  Women or men?  Oh, I don 't even know!

A lil freak, like Usher say, yep, all that.

I can say that the hottest relationship of all the sisters is still Icee and Kitty.  Something about how I made these two, if they were real, they would need to write the book on love.  They claim they are the yin and yang, can read each other's thoughts, both workaholics, have no fights and the sex is always HOT (why else would Kitty get pregnant six weeks after giving birth).

Then I might like Twin #2 Kryssy and her hot Italian billionaire.  Hey, Janet Jackson is dating a billionaire, all things possible!  I have a thing for men with sexy accents or when they speak in their language.  Gosh!  I don't have to understand a word they're saying, but it's just HOT!  Since I write all my characters with a bit of me in them, Kryssy is puddy in his hands every time he whispers, "Non posso viviere senza voi" to her.  Yeah man!

And there's something about Big Sister Sarena.  She has been with only one man all her life, Victor, and even though she starts an affair with T-Zack, every time her and Victor are together, EXPLOSIVE!  They are the older Kitty and Icee.  They feed off each other.  And of course, it doesn't hurt that Victor (as well as T-Zack) are turned on even more when she has a gun in her hands.

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  1. This is interesting. I'm admiring how well you keep up on the blog while NaNoing too. I have done a couple of posts and it feels good to get out of novel land for a bit but I keep thinking, "These words don't count!" and neither does replying to you. Yikes!

    Dixie Goode