Friday, November 19, 2010

Nanowrimo day 19: Killer Victor

Just for my nanowrimo writing partner, I have posted a pic of what one of my characters looks like.  Meet Victor St. James, or "Killer Victor."

He is 34 and currently married to Sarena Kelly, you know, "Two gun toting hot momma."  Victor moved next door to the Six Sexy Sisters when he was 16 and has taken care of them like a big brother.  He was a semi-pro boxer, martial artist, has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Law, became a police officer, and shortly after a detective.  He's supposed to resemble a combination of LL Cool J and Suge Knight, sexy but someone you cross the other side of the street when you see.

He's ruthless!

He is the one that trained all the Kellys in boxing, martial arts and weapons training.  His belief is, "You pull out a gun, you better use a gun!"

He was upset Sarena did not finish off TA when she had the chance, and because of that, they grow a little distant.  He quits the police force and joins Icee in building a security/body guard organization to protect all the Kellys (they later branch off to provide services for other celebrities).  He may be a "little" (meaning a LOT) over-protective of all the Kelly sisters.

But he's really a softie, especially when it comes to Sarena.   He's only ever loved her.  He loves her unconditionally...even though she is stepping out on him.  T-Zack better watch his back when Killer Vic is on the loose.

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