Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nanowrimo Day 2: What the heck am I writing about?

I would love to write down the whole synopsis of my nanowrimo project, but I have no clear cut picture of it, I am just going with the flow, or pantsing it as wrimos call it.  It all starts with the opening.

“There’s three sides to every story.
There’s the one side.
There’s the other sides.
And then there’s the truth…”

Mind you yesterday I told you there are really FOUR sides, because the main characters, three best friends, all lie, but the readers, and Main Character # 4 who they are telling the story to, don’t know.  And even me, the writer, have no idea who will be the one telling the truth or not, or what’s the truth, yes, and I want to stay confused!!

Here are the three main characters and a brief description that will tell you how each story will play out.

Tamara, the party girl
Amya, the leader of the crew
Jazlyn, the pretty princess

Simple descriptions, yet, it drives how I write them.  Right now I have started with Tamara's story because heck, she’s fun!!  She helps me get the most word count out the fastest.  She also is changing up the story in my head.  Last night I wrote this...

“Which one of my best friends are you sleeping with?” Tamara asked.

Brandon paused.


I stopped in fear at those words.  I had to call it a night after that and sleep on it.  That was not the plan!!  It wasn't suppose to happen that way.  Oh yes, but it is definitely spicy, just changes things up a bit.  The three still will share a secret, and this Brandon is a big part of it, I just did not know how much so.

When I write the others’ story, it will be from a whole different perspective, but I didn’t think it can get any better than Tamara’s tale.  Word count at 6,327 thanks to her!  Woohoo! 

The plan was to write Tamara's complete side of thing.  With the bomb that was dropped last night, things changed.  I don’t know what else Tamara needs to say right now, so I will end hers, FOR NOW, move to the next, up to that bomb shell, then switch to the last one.  After they all meet at the same point, then start back with Tamara and the rest of her tale, cycle through again, and then do it again as the secret unravels.

Yes, I still am not giving away much detail, and what the secret is, but I gotta keep it suspenseful (and I clearly don’t know…yeah, but I do.)

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