Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nanowrimo day 20: Have Money to Spend

Icee is a millionaire, so it has been fun writing him with all this money to spend.  I can't even fathom.  I spent most of yesterday just to research Icee and Kitty's five cars plus limo and their own private jet.  Yeah, fun!

This is Icee's Maybach 62.  These cars range from $300,000 to $400,000.  And they are not even listed as the most expensive car.  They were number ten on the list I was looking at (he also has a red Ferrari Enzo that is ranked a lot higher).  Maybach's are loaded with things like a refrigerator, desktops built into the arm rests, TV screens, and look at those reclining seats.  Money, money, money, money!

This is also the car Diddy bought his son for his sixteenth birthday and caused a storm.  Yes, I agree that is a bit too much even for a grown man.  But if you have the money to spend....

Icee has been in the music industry over eight years at the point of this novel.  He has modeled for several labels.  He has made three movies, and signed on for two more during the span of this novel.  He has started his own recording studio and acts as a manager to talent he finds.  He started a construction company his father oversees in his hometown.  He along with Kitty, started the clothing line KStyle that has been in business about two years now.

Money is not a thing to them.  After he proposed to Kitty, she immediately started building their dream home.  Icee already had two mini-mansions, one in Los Angeles and one in their hometown.  Kitty never liked either.  The L.A. home was picked out by Icee's ex, Bonnie.  The Springfield home was nothing more than a pimped out bachelor's pad to her.

Kitty designs a mansion she calls "Ice Palace." Eight bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms, 5-car garage, an additional garage with the chauffeur's apartment over it, outside heated pool, tennis court, two kitchens, a maid's quarter that houses the live-in maid, a bowling alley, gym, entertainment area with wet bar, movie theater, a staff wing (which houses the live-in body guard and includes the security monitoring systems), master suite includes two bathrooms, and large walk-in his and her closets.  Okay, that sounded like a real-estate ad!

I had to look at many of them to figure out what this home would have.  All this house to care for and Kitty is busy trying to build her own empire and raise a newborn son, while Icee is off filming a movie.  The girl needs a little help!  I tried to write her as doing it all, but there's just no way.  I hired her a maid, a cook, housekeepers, and a chauffeur.   Everything but a nanny.  I want to see how long she can go before she gives in to that!  Her sister Ashley has hired a nanny for her one daughter while she travels doing her modeling work, and Sarena eventually breaks down and uses the same nanny for her two.

I guess Kellys can't do it all!

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