Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nanowrimo day 21: Those three little words

So kill me, I like happy endings.  I am trying to make all six of my sisters have that, but . . . only four out of six will.  I don't like it one bit!  But I have to be true to where the story is going and this is how things look right now.

I'm 68,000 words in.  Can I make it to 100K by the end of nanowrimo?  Today will be do or die day.  Can I get in at least 7K?  I have already done 1K at the write-in today, so now I am at a race for time (and yet I have time to write this blog). 

There have been a couple of twists in my story.  Not one psycho, but TWO!  Hmmm.  And a long lost brother and I want his story line to be juicy.  I haven't really thought it through yet.  Maybe that will come in the editing process.  I thought I'd make him the psycho, or at least had a tie-in with him.  Still have no clue!!

I'm sure I will give him some romantic story line.  To say this novel is epic would not even do it justice.  Six distinct storylines, now I have to add another?  Or do I really?  He's not one of the six sexy sisters, just the brother they never knew.

And how many time are those three little words repeated in my novel?  About 100 times and in two languages.

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