Monday, November 22, 2010

Nanowrimo day 22: Feel the beat

Since this is hip hop lit, it really is all about the music!  Okay, maybe not all about it, but if this were a movie, better believe the music would move the storyline.  I'm not even a hip hop head.  I like the old stuff, from the 80s and 90s, with a few of the newer songs by rappers that have been in the business ten years or plus.  New rappers, naaa, you can keep that!

So what the heck am I doing writing a novel set in the hip hop world?  Actually I think it works for my benefit.  I can make my music acts fresh and new and not confuse them with current artist (although I use a few to compare them with.)  There are several rappers and singers in this novel, most all signed on Icee's record label/management company Da Factory Hitz.

First there is AKA, the female member of Fact Iz.  She has released her solo album.  If I had to compare her with a female rapper, let me go with a MC Lite.  A little rough with it, nothing all sexy like Lil Kim or a Nicki Minaj.  She's more like a guy with her rap style.  She doesn't rap about girly things because well, she's not girly.

Then there is Tenille Kelly.  She is promoting her solo album.  She's all R & B.  She first sang the hook on one of Icee's song to get her name out there.  Then she released her first single, "Get Me Get Me."  She's more like a Ciara or Rhianna, very sexual when she performs (like on stripper poles and lap dances in her video).  On the other hand, since a lot of young girls are admiring her, she tries somewhere in the novel to tone down her sexuality.

Then there is Tone, or TonE, as he was required to change his name mid novel.  He's only 19 and dates Nola Kelly.  He's a rapper formerly of a group called Guns and Steel (I think that's it, I get confused).  They were hardcore rap guys, violent in the nature of their rap.  But ToneE was the one with the skills, and Icee took him in as his protege.  He raps relevant issues of his day to day life, so if I had to compare, I would go with a Drake.  Not gangsta rap, because well, they live in a city not much exposed to that.  His first single is titled "Mad at the World," which he wrote out of anger after the group split up.  It'll go on to be Da Factory Hitz biggest hit.  He's basically Icee's shadow, wanting to mimic everything Icee does, especially with his relationship with Nola.

Then there is my surprise.  Christopher Kelly, Jr or CJ (not sold on his name either, it keeps changing).  Yes, the Kelly sisters have a half-brother!  I'm still not sure of his relevance and in fact, I wrote his first few lines just yesterday as he delivered his demo to Big Sister Sarena.  He's the brother the girls never knew about until recently.  He wants a record deal, and first Sarena is hesitant, wanting nothing to do with the son her father left them for.  But once she hears his song,"My Heart Belongs to You," she jumps on getting him on the label.  He's more like a Trey Songz.

But how could I forget Hugo.  Hmmm, where to start.  He's the hot R & B singer that falls for Tenille.  He's on a different label, and meets Tenille through various promotional concerts they share. I'd compare him to a Ne-Yo.  She only wants friendship, confused about her sexuality (she thinks she's gay).  He sacrifices a lot to be with her . . . literally, his life.

Icee doesn't do any music in this novel, although he still performs from his last solo album as needed.  He films a movie during most of this novel, putting off recording his second until Kitty gives birth.

So there's the music.  I'll flesh it out with more music, lyrics to the song in the edits.  I'm hoping to name each title a song title, which is what I "tried" to do with the original. 


  1. Wow, all those words and your blog too! Compared to you I am dogging it badly. You sound so enthusiastic and absolutely into everything in this novel. Me, I'm slower and trying to stay focused but I'm running with two stories, and one is very fantasy and one is very historical, so I keep getting drug back and forth, fantasy land, Oregon trail, Guatemala, St. Louis etc.

    You are right. It is fun to create people that you would want to hang out with, but it is also fun to make real world friends on-line. Keep pouring out those words. I'll keep trying to keep up.

    Dixie Goode/ echo

  2. Yes, I am so much into them, I will continue this series next year for nano with TWO novels. A prequel and sequel.